Tenders - Contracts

The contracting authority Prague Airport (hereinafter referred to as "PA"), in practicing the principles of transparency, equal treatement and non-discrimination in the selection of suitable candidates for supplies, services and construction work, has decided to publish information on tendering for contracts on its website which PA declared as a procedure beyond Act No. 137/2006 Coll., on Public Tenders, as amended (hereinafter "Act").


  • Below-the-threshold public contracts in accordance with the law, which PA outsources in accordance with § 2 paragraph 6 and § 19 paragraph 1 of the Act beyond its framework, where the expected value of the subject of a contract is below the limit for public contracts for supplies and services, is from 2 000 000,- CZK to 10 020 000,- CZK excluding VAT and for contracts of construction work from 6 000 000,- CZK to 125 451 000,- CZK excluding VAT 
  • public contracts of small scale according to § 12 paragraph 6 of the Act, where the expected value of the subject of a contract is up to 2 000 000,- CZK excluding VAT for supplies and services and up to 6 000 000,- CZK excluding VAT for construction work 
  • Entering and implementation of these contracts are used to select suitable suppliers when applying effective competition, it is not a public tender according to § 847 et seq. Act No. 40/1964 Coll. Civil Code, as amended, neither a commercial tender according to § 281 et seq. Act No. 513/1991 Coll. Commercial Code, as amended.

Information for those interested in participating in tendering for contracts

  • A prerequisite for participation and evaluation of bids by applicants in the tender procedure for PA is an offer and proof of qualifications.
  • PA reserves the following rights:
    • the right to cancel individual tenders or parts thereof, 
    • the right not to conclude a contract with any of the applicants or any other person,
    • the right to negotiate contract terms with applicants whose offers will be evaluated, 
    • the right to exclude applicants who have or gave had problems with their payment obligations to the PA,
    • the right not to select either one of the applicants,
    • the right to change placing of tenders.
  • Implementation of orders is made against payment on the basis of written contracts with selected applicants.
  • Concluding a contract results in accepting the offer (draft contract) signed by a selected applicant, which is understood as the moment the contract is delivered to the selected applicant and signed by authorized representatives of both parties. Other legal acts of other persons from PA do not constitute any acceptance of the offer (draft contract) of an applicant and does not bind PA to their fulfillment. 
  • If the tender documentation for a contract does not state otherwise, applicants are not entitled to reimbursement of costs associated with processing and delivery of their offers. PA retains the offers received as documents regarding the progress of the tender. 

Qualification of applicants

  • Qualification consists of the qualifications requirements that are specified individually for each contract.
  • If documents regarding meeting the qualification conditions submitted by an applicant will contain false information or in case of making false statements, such an applicant will immediately be excluded from participation in the tender, as well as for the following 2 years the applicant will be excluded from the possibility of participation in tenders for PA. 

List of tenders

Tenders issued by PA are published on the website http://letistepraha.softrade.cz/softrade/.
Through the application on this site information and documents relating to the tender can be obtained and alternatively an electronic offer can be submitted to a published tender. A physical form of an offer is not required in this case. Registration of suppliers for electronic submission of offers is free in this application. 

Overview of above-the-threshold contracts

Above-the-threshold public contracts which PA issues by procedure in accordance to the Law are published on the website of the Information System on Public Procurement - publishing subsystem (IS VZ U.S.) - http://www.isvzus.cz/usisvz/ .

Contact us

 Dear applicants, if you are interested in offering us the services or supply of goods of your company and no tender is issued at that moment, which you would be able to participate in, please use the placed form "Supplier questionnaire"