Exhibition to Celebrate Václav Havel Airport Prague’s 80th Anniversary


The exhibition which celebrates the 80th anniversary since the launch of operations of Václav Havel Airport Prague, commemorated by the airport all year, was officially opened last week.

Located in the Terminal 2 Arrival Hall, besides the Billa supermarket, the exhibition is opened 24/7. Its visitors can admire special artefacts from airport’s history, including uniforms, alongside interesting photographs mapping the past, present and future of the airport.

The exhibition also features a children’s corner with interactive toys, where older children, using a simple application, can try to recognise forbidden items in an X-ray photo of a piece of baggage contents, watch aircraft flying over Prague or listen to partial recordings of dialogues between pilots and the control tower from aircraft cockpit. Electronic puzzle then introduces the future development of the airport.

A photograph from a photo booth where you can select one of the available backgrounds and take a photo e.g. in aircraft cockpit or on runway, will make a nice souvenir. Visitors can then test their learnings from the exhibition in a final quiz. Successful solvers will receive Václav Havel Airport Prague Certificate to confirm their knowledge of the airport and its history.   

We look forward to your visit.