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Prague-Ruzyne Airport has at its disposal a large number of parking spaces for automobiles, minibuses and motorcycles. Everyone can thus choose the most suitable parking option right at the airport.

Information about different types of parking deals can be found in the individual sections of this website according to the planned length of stay at Prague-Ruzyne Airport. If you plan to park your vehicle only short-term, use parking spaces P1 and P2 in front of the Terminal buildings available for 15 minutes free of charge. If you plan to spend an hour or two at the airport or leave your vehicle here for several days, we recommend that you park at Parking C with reduced hourly rate, located 70 metres from Terminal 1 or Parking B located on the ground floor in front of Terminal 2.
Entire Parking C Building is monitored by CCTV system and patrolled by a security agency.
Prague Airport also provides parking at privilege conditions that we can recommend when you are going away for more than 7 days.

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