I intend to park at a maximum for 15 minutes

Parkování letiště P1 EXPRESSP2 EXPRESS parkování letiště


Dear customers, traffic has been reduced to a single lane due to repairs to the on-ramp to the P2 EXPRESS area. Thank you for your understanding.


  • The P1 Express and P2 Express parking lots are designed for quick stops to pick-up or drop-off passengers and their baggage. 
  • The outdoor P1 EXPRESS parking lot is located directly in front of Terminal 1.
  • The outdoor P2 EXPRESS parking lot is located directly in front of the Terminal 2 Departure Hall – elevated ground floor.
  • Longer than 15-minute stays at these parking lots are subject to a charge of CZK 100 for the first 15 to 30 minutes and additional CZK 100 for each commenced 30-minute interval.
  • The first 15 complimentary minutes are provided once during a 60-minute interval at either the P1 EXPRESS or the P2 EXPRESS parking lot. Each additional entry within the same 60-minute interval at either of the parking lots is subject to a charge of CZK 100/30 minutes. 

Price List:

15 free free
30 CZK 100 CZK 100
60 CZK 200 CZK 200
90 CZK 300 CZK 300

The prices are stated without VAT.

Download complete PDF price list

Regular users of the P1/P2 EXPRESS parking lots can use the option of purchasing pre-paid value cards to get up to 60% lower prices. Learn more about value cards here.

MAP with directions to P1 EXPRESS                       

Parkování na letišti P1 EXPRESS 

MAP with directions to P2 EXPRESS

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