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PC COMFORT parkováníPC ECONOMY parkování

  • The PC COMFORT and PB ECONOMY parking lots are designed for parking in excess of 15 minutes – if you wish to accompany your family members and friends during checking-in and spend a few moments with them at the airport.
  • The covered, patrolled PC ECONOMY parking lot is located to the left of the airport access road when approaching Terminal 1.
  • The PC COMFORT is only possible to book parking for periods in excess of 24 hours online
  • The outdoor PB ECONOMY parking lot is located by the Terminal 2 Arrival Hall.
  • PC ECONOMY parking lot is subject to a charge of CZK 50/hour for the 1st to 11th hour (from the 12th to the 23rd commenced hour, a day rate of CZK 590 is charged).
  • Parking in the ECONOMY parking building cannot be booked in advance online. Please pay at the car park ticket machine before exiting the building.

Price List:

1-11 á CZK 50 CZK 50 each
12-23* CZK 590  ---

Prices inc. VAT

Parking is charged for every additional hour.

Download complete PDF price list

MAPA with directions to PC COMFORT                    

airport parking prague  

MAPA with directions to PB ECONOMY                 

 airport parking prague  airport parking prague