The exhibition project EKECHEIRIÁ – REMEMBRANCES OF THE OLYMPICS is being prepared by the civic organisation Symposion in connection with the organisation of the Olympic Games in London  2012. The aim is to emphasise the link between sports competitions and culture as it was developed long ago in Ancient Greece – the art of the spirit and the body – kalokagathia.  

The exhibition will take place in partnership with the capital city of Prague under the auspices of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic Karel Schwarzenberg, the President of the Czech Olympic Committee Milan Jirásek and council member for the capital city of Prague Václav Novotný.  

A group of artists centred around Jiří Sozanský has decided to commemorate this year’s Olympics with a group exhibition. The inspiration for this project was primarily a trip to Greece visiting locales and sites linked with the tradition of the Olympics movement. A number of artists participated including Vojtěch Adamec Jr., David Vávra, Ivan Komárek, Vratislav Ševčík, Paulina Skavova and Charbel Ackermann all of whom have a close relationship with sports (boxing in particular) and who have participated in similar projects in the past. 

Apart from an exhibition in the Museum of the Capital City of Prague, 15 marathon runners by Ivan Komárek which is a part of the project has been installed at Prague Airport in Terminal 1 from the 1 June to 30 September 2012.

The team of artists took photographs and created sketchbooks on their travels which are part of the exhibition and also the basis for further creative work. Jiří Sozanský presents large-format oil paintings of classical stadiums, drawings and sculptures (bronze) of Olympic athletes, Ivan Komárek seven ceramic plates with paintings inspired by classical vessels, Vojtěch Adamec Jr. drawings inspired by classical myths, Paulina Skavova the torsos of wrestlers, Charbel Ackermann metal reliefs inspired by classical discuses, Vratislav Ševčík drawings-acrylics inspired by classical sports grounds and David Vávra a diary and drawings from travels around Greece.