Exhibitions and events 2011

Terminated events and exhibitions:


From 11th October till 30th December 2011 you can see an exhibition “DESIGNEAST.EU OFFLINE” at Prague Airport. A selection of contemporary design works from central and eastern Europe will be shown through 24 large format posters that shows wide spectrum of objects, from jewelry, accessories and industry design to furniture and lighting.

THE WORLD WITHIN REACH Through the Eyes of Jiri Kolbaba

From June 1 until September 21, there will be an exhibition of unique photography at Prague Airport by the Czech explorer and photographer Jiri Kolbaba, entitled THE WORLD WITHIN REACH.

Exhibition of Photojournalism from TYDEN MAGAZINE

From 29 April until 25 June, the connecting walkway between terminals will feature journalistic photography which originally appeared in TYDEN magazine. The exhibition theme: "Fifty Moments in Time. News photographs can tell more than thousands of words. A fraction of a second immortalized by a single press of the shutter becomes a document not even the theory of relativity can equal. This is the present moment. What has been no longer is, what will be is yet to pass."


For the first time this year, Prague Airport has become a partner in the EXPEDIČNÍ KAMERA Adventure Film Festival. The program consists of documentaries on extreme experiences and sports in the wild. From April 27 until April 30, 2011, festival films will be shown nonstop from 10 AM until 11 PM in the airport's new CINEMA TIME theater, located in the Terminal 2 departure hall close to the observation deck.

FEBIOFEST at Prague Airport

Prague Airport invites you to the 18th International Film Festival Prague - FEBIOFEST, which will run from 3/25 until 4/1/2011, located in part at the airport. It is already a Festival tradition to screen films in special video auditoriums in public places, as well as in classic cinemas. This year, Prague Airport will serve as that unique public location.

Spherical photography exhibition at Prague Airport

Prague Airport in cooperation with Panoramas, Ltd. opened a unique exhibition of spherical photographs, which is freely available in public areas of Departure Hall in Terminal 2.