Exhibitions and events 2012

Terminated events and exhibitions:

President Václav Havel - Photographs 1988 – 2011

Vaclav Havel was not very fond of having photographers around. However, thanks to his charisma and unpretentious behaviour, he was in fact a very photogenic personality. This collection of photographs does not aim to document important historical events from his life, but is meant as a personal tribute to an extraordinary man from people who had both the luck and honour to observe his remarkable life for 23 years through the lenses of their camera.

The East through the Eyes of the West or Asia through the Cameras of Business People

Buddha-Bar restaurant and friends present the Buddha-Bar Photo Project – a series of exhibitions on the theme “The East through the Eyes of the West or Asia through the Cameras of Business People”. Each of the exhibitions consists of a renowned figure or group of persons from the world of Czech business. The main exhibition space is Buddha-Bar restaurant. After a month there, the exhibition will move to Prague Airport. Zdeněk Thoma, a respected photographer, publicist and traveller, will be the patron of the quality of the photographs and the concepts.


The exhibition project EKECHEIRIÁ – REMEMBRANCES OF THE OLYMPICS is being prepared by the civic organisation Symposion in connection with the organisation of the Olympic Games in London 2012. The aim is to emphasise the link between sports competitions and culture as it was developed long ago in Ancient Greece – the art of the spirit and the body – kalokagathia.


Do not miss out on the opportunity to visit the exhibition entitled FIGURAMA12 in the modern space of Prague Airport from the 1st June to the 30th September 2012. This consists of an international project by the Faculty of Architecture at Czech Technical University in Prague documenting the work of art university students. The project is focused on figurative art: drawing, painting and sculpture art.

Photos exhibition - 75 years of Prague Airport/Ruzyně

The visitors have an opportunity to see 86 photos. Most of them capture the well-known personalities who has ever visited this airport and the important stages of development in its own history until the present. These photos were taken from the archives of the Czech Press Agency and the State Regional Archive in Prague.


In the period of 13. 2. – 30. 3. 2012 in the departure hall of Terminal 2 at Prague Airport is held an exhibition of large format photographs from the expedition BAIKAL. Twenty photographs by Pavel Blazek, coupled with the czech and english text describing the details of the expedition, shows the area of Lake Baikal in winter. The transition, in which both travelers traveled almost 700 km, was successfully completed on the 19th Third 2010 at 13.01 Irkutsk´s time (GMT 8) and time 24 days 6 hours spent on the ice became the second fastest crossing of Lake Baikal in history.


From 13. 2. to 30. 3. 2012 takes place at Prague Ruzyne Airport in the connecting building between Terminal 1 and 2. The exhibited 25 black and white images of the leading fashion photographer Mark Musil. Photographs are capturing the unrepeatable atmosphere of the DD Fashion Week 2011.

Come and play before you leave with Kinect Xbox 360

Together with Microsoft, Prague Airport has prepared for travellers another option of spending time before departure. Airport visitors can now indulge in modern entertainment using the recently installed consoles with motion controls featuring a wide selection of games.