President Václav Havel - Photographs 1988 – 2011

Vaclav Havel was not very fond of having photographers around. However, thanks to his charisma and unpretentious behaviour, he was in fact a very photogenic personality. This collection of photographs does not aim to document important historical events from his life, but is meant as a personal tribute to an extraordinary man from people who had both the luck and honour to observe his remarkable life for 23 years through the lenses of their camera.

Some 60 images from between 1988-2011 show the path of the playwright and dissident towards becoming the President of the Republic and then back to his activities as playwright, filmmaker and citizen. The pictures taken by Czech photographers who worked with CTK agency over the past more than 20 years allow the visitor to see the scenes of high politics as well as Havel´s private life without the patos, often with a slight exaggeration and humour. The autors belive that this is preciesly the type of exhibition that Vaclav Havel would have liked.

The exhibition was prepared by Prague Airport in cooperation with the Czech News Agency from
 5. 10. – 21. 12. 2012.