Free time

Children´s Corners

Two new children corners for the smallest of travellers have recently been opened within Václav Havel Airport Prague Transit Areas: One located to the left from the passport control exit in Terminal 1, the other to the left from the security screening exit in Terminal 2. Children will still be able to enjoy the originally opened play area inside the toy shop Bambule in the building connecting the Departure Halls of Terminals 1 and 2.

How the time goes - Airport museum

Discover the history of the Václav Havel Airport Prague. The records date back to the year 1937 and as a lot of time has passed since then; there is a lot to learn. You will not only be able to view large format photo galleries, period maps of many significant eras of the airport’s development, but also watch documentary films shot about the airport from the time of the launch of operations till present. A replica of the historical aircraft Avia BH 25 that visitors can sit is considered an especially interesting exhibit. The airport museum can be found in the public area of the Terminal 2 Departure Hall in front of the entrance to the viewing terrace.

Tours taking its participants around the airport

Václav Havel Airport Prague offers an appealing setting for anyone ready to soak up the atmosphere of distant lands and take onboard a bit of fresh knowledge. It is a place that awakens the explorer in you. Travelling should not be considered the only unforgettable experience connected with a visit to Prague Airport ... You may enjoy a tour behind the scenes of the airport operational areas just the same! Additional details about the tours can be found HERE or you can get information by e-mail contacting:

Bird’s-eye-view of aircraft - Viewing terrace

Find a moment to visit the viewing terrace. You will be rewarded with an exceptional view of the airport runway and the aircraft parked on it. From the height, you will be able to watch the preparations for departure or approach of the boarding bridge upon arrival. These pleasant moments can also be enjoyed with a cup of coffee and piece of cake. One of the terraces is located in the public area of the Terminal 2 Departure Hall besides the entrance to the connecting building between Terminals 1 and 2, another one is in the transit area of Terminal 1, with entrance from the Prague restaurant.

Relaxation zone

Now you can make your waiting more comfortable in the newly open Relaxation Zone located in the non-public part of the Terminal 2, on the 1st floor between piers C and D. It is open 24 hours a day. Visitors can make use of high-speed Wi-Fi internet connection. The area is also equipped with screens showing information about departures of individual flights. If you are interested in travel insurance you can use point-of-sale terminals to take out travel insurance online, even just before the departure. Free of charge!