Route 4


Duration: 1 hour, Recommended for children over 6 years.


The Tour starts at Terminal 3 (the old airport)
After the mandatory security screening, the participants are transported to a designated spot behind the Vaclav Havel Airport Prague Fire Station.
The Fire Stations launched its operations in December 2006 and is considered as one of the most modern facilities of its kind in the Czech Republic.

The following items are among the facility equipment:

  • 4 large-capacity combined Rosenbauer fire trucks designed especially for use in air industry (with the capacity of 12,000 l of water, 1,500 l of foaming agent and 250 kg of dry chemical agent).
  • Water jet cistern cars (CAS 40 and CAS 30);
  • Specialised support technology;
  • Rapid response aids (RSA)
  • 37 m long fire-fighter ladder 
  • Container system (medical container, container with rescue tools, container for the foaming agent, container for the chemical agents).

There are also fully fitted rooms for chemicals-involving rescue missions, workshops and a car wash at the station alongside with a fitness facility, gym and a centre for physical readiness to run tests with breathing machinery (polygon) 10.
Pursuant to the regulation Nr. L14 MD based on the ICAO regulations, Vaclav Havel Airport Prague has been assessed as category 9 that determines the amount of fire fighting agents required for each type of aircraft. Pursuant to the ICAO regulation, a response time has also been stipulated equal to 3 minutes.

The station runs 24/7; there are four shifts per day.
11 object of on board services, ALPHA FLIGHT a.s.