Other services


VIP Service Club CONTINENTAL provides its clients with Škoda Limousine Service - transfers within 30 km of the airport by luxury Škoda Superb cars free of charge. The service must be reserved 24 hours in advance by e-mail sent to vip.service@prg.aero

Please, be informed that VIP Service has 3 cars Škoda Superb available and we provide 1 Škoda car only for each reservation (departure or arrival), so the service is not guaranteed to every client. Please reserve your Škoda Limousine Service 24 hours in advance and we will confirm, whether the car is available in the requested date and time. The Škoda Limousine Service is guaranteed for confirmed order and only for delays exceeding 30 minutes.

Škoda Limousine Service is transfer within 30 km of the airport. The capacity of Škoda Superb car is 595 litres of luggage and 3 passengers. If there are some special requirements (baby car seat, golf bags transport etc.), please ask by placing order.



Parking in the VIP parking lot is possible only by ordering VIP Service for departure and arrival (or vice versa), because there is no possibility to pick up the car, when using the VIP Service in one direction. So you get 4 days of guarded parking free of charge directly berofe VIP terminal.



In Club CONTINENTAL we will also wrap your baggage before departure.

Standard baggage: CZK 130/piece Non-standard baggage (golf bags, ski, baby carriage etc.): CZK 250/piece



Club CONTINENTAL brings new service for you extra luggage delivery – we deliver your luggage to a given address within 5 hours after your arrival.

Luggage delivery can be ordered together with your arrival. The service is provided to a distance of 30 km from Prague Airport every day from 8:00 to 22:00 for a maximum of 4 pieces of luggage.

Luggage delivery up to 30 km: 590 CZK/1-4 pcs / 1 address
The service can be ordered at least 24 hours in advance and can not be provided alone without reservation VIP Service for arrival. The service is available for up to 4 pieces of luggage and is provided within 30 km from the airport. The service can not be provided beyond 30 km from the airport.
In the case that your luggage contains goods whose importation is prohibited, limited or volume of goods exceeds the value or quantity limit for exemption from customs duty, excise duty and VAT, is your personal participation on customs clearance necessary and the service can not be provided.
If you are not available in appointed time and place to the luggage delivery, your luggage will be taken back to the Club CONTINENTAL. In this case, you are not entitled for money refund.