Baggage Check-in


We would like to remind passengers that in the interests of a smooth check-in process, weight limits on luggage must be strictly observed. International standards for the size and dimensions of hold and hand baggage do not exist. The rules for individual airlines, seating classes, destinations and distances vary.  

Oversize Luggage

Rules concerning oversize luggage check-in may be found on your boarding pass or obtained directly from your airline.

Telephone: 420 22011 3737 

Large Luggage Items and Animals

Large luggage items such as skis, surfboards, musical instruments, bicycles, umbrellas, etc. will be accepted. The cost of transport varies among the individual airlines. Check-in for large luggage items and animals must be performed at oversize luggage counters. Please get precise information before check-in from your airline. Small dogs and cats are accepted by some airlines as carry-on items.

Hand Luggage

Only one piece of hand luggage may be taken on board of the aircraft. Since there are no international standards governing the size or dimensions of hand luggage, please ask your airline for information.

Maximum safety is assured by checking luggage and complying with security regulations. Under EU regulations, a number of unsafe objects are forbidden from being brought on board for security reasons. Please determine what items fall under these regulations and are forbidden adequately in advance. For further information check our section security rules

Baggage – Services

Self-service luggage carts may be found in all public and nonpublic areas of the airport.

Luggage Storage

Luggage Storage is located in the public section of the Terminal 2 Departure Hall.

Telephone: 420 22011 7591 

Delayed and Lost Luggage

If upon landing you find that your luggage is missing, please contact the luggage claim counter for your airline.

The transporter will pick up the delayed luggage at your request and transport it to the designated location.

Luggage Wrapping

Wrapping Services in Terminal 1  and 2 Departures

contact: GSM (+420) 773 027 179

Your Luggage - Information and Tips

  • It is in your best interest to mark your luggage with a tag containing your name, address and telephone number.
  • Valuables, important documents and medication should be brought with you in your hand baggage.
  • Lock your luggage or have it wrapped.
  • Remove labels and tags from previous trips. This will reduce the risk of your baggage being delivered to the wrong location.