Prague Airport values

PRIDE – We are proud bearers of the Václav Havel Airport Prague brand name

  • We are bearers of the good name of the company both as an employer and a service provider.
  • We always make sure we help promote the good name of our company.
  • We are aware of our role in securing a flawless way of operations of Václav Havel Airport Prague as an integral company.
  • We value the unique and professional environment of Václav Havel Airport Prague.

OPENNESS – We perceive the world through your eyes

  • Above all, we are professionals –it is our standard to provide quality services.
  • We analyse the needs of our passengers, business partners, clients as well as employees and try to react to them promptly.
  • We always make sure that our services turn into a pleasant experience.
  • Positive, clear and open communication allows us to build strong and long-lasting relationships within and outside of the airport.
  • We make sure information is provided on time, precisely and correctly.

SAFETY – We guarantee your safety

  • We are aware of the fact that your trust in us is conditioned by having a safe airport.
  • The safety of the airport and the air traffic is assured by following, without compromise, all international standards, safety rules and regulations as well as foreseeing risks.
  • Strict information protection is part of our job.

RESPONSIBILITY – We act in a responsible way

  • We are committed to staying on good terms with our neighbours; we are a good neighbour.
  • We protect and actively improve the environment at the airport and in its vicinity.
  • We act in a responsible way when it comes to the environment and motivate our business partners to adapt the same approach.

VISION – We foresee future opportunities

  • Innovation and advancement of technology form an integral part of our work.
  • Following the latest trends in the air traffic segment allows us to launch new technologies and systems enhancing the efficient use of resources, future revenue and an on-going fine-tuning of the quality of our services to the most recent demands.
  • Everything we do is with regards to the future prosperity and sustainable growth of Václav Havel Airport Prague.