6 Applicants to Participate in Václav Havel Airport Prague’s Taxi Service Tender

Prague, 23 August 2016   

Prague Airport has terminated the application process of the first round of a public tender selecting providers of taxi services at Václav Havel Airport Prague. The subject of the tender is to select two taxi service providers to whom Prague Airport will lease the exclusive space reserved for taxis on the access road directly in front of Terminals 1 and 2. Other taxi service providers will still be able to use the adjacent parking lots for dropping off and picking up passengers. 6 applicants submitted their bids in the tender by noon yesterday. The second round in the form of an electronic auction is to follow. The selected participants will commence their service from 1 January 2017.

The goal of the tender held by Prague Airport is to increase the quality of taxi services for end users. During the first round, participants have accepted new contractual terms and submitted evidence of meeting the set qualification criteria (such as a clean record, adequate professional and technical predispositions to operate a taxi service and a business plan). Participants have also confirmed that they are able to guarantee, in line with a pro-client-orientated approach, the set qualitative parameters, such as the language command of their drivers, accommodating demeanour, cleanliness of cars and representative attire of drivers. The quality of service will also increase thanks to new conditions set in the contracts, such as free Wi-Fi and the availability of cars within 5 minutes of the moment it is requested by a passenger, 24/7. These requirements are based on passenger requests received. Based on discussions with taxi service providers, alongside other criteria, the maximum age of cars has been set at 3 years.   

“When addressing the issue of new taxi service agreements, we wished to continue the non-discriminatory approach and thus called a transparent public tender. This approach proved beneficial with a number of contracts re-tendered during the last two years, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and increased airport income. The interest of taxi service providers in participating in the tender proves that we have, once again, been able to set forth transparent and acceptable conditions. Six large taxi operators enrolled in the tender, namely Halo Taxi, FIX, Taxi Praha, Modrý Anděl, TICK TACK and Sedop Taxi,” Jiří Petržilka, a member of the Prague Airport Board of Directors said, adding: “All first-round participants who meet the qualification criteria will advance into the second and last round, which we would like to organise within two weeks. In a few days, we will inform the tender participants of the electronic auction conditions and give them the opportunity to mock test it. The lease price will be the decisive factor of the second round.”     

The second round will be a lease price competition in the form of an electronic auction. The two best bids will be binding for the winning participants and will be quoted in their contracts. The selected candidates will be obliged to start providing their services from 1 January 2017, unless stated otherwise in the contract. The contract will be entered into for a limited period of time, until 31 December 2021.

The two-round tender has been announced due to the termination of contracts with the current taxi service providers, namely AAA radiotaxi and FIX, and was preceded by several months of joint and public discussions with all potential tender participants in order to ensure entirely transparent conditions, clear to tender participants, in line with all current operational prerequisites of taxi service markets.

Detailed tender conditions including all questions raised by taxi service providers and answers provided have been published on Prague Airport’s website www.prg.aero under the Business Section (learn more here).


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