Press releases

  • Exhibition of Original Czech Fashion Open to Travelers from around the Globe


    A unique exhibition of original fashions opens today at Prague Airport. The CZECH FASHION LIFE/ ČESKÁ MÓDA ŽIJE 2010 exhibition is being organized by Letiště Praha together with the Czech Fashion Association. The exhibition will provide visitors with a look at current trends in Czech fashion as seen by young fashion designers and traditional Czech labels.

  • New destination


    The Azerbaijani airline AZAL this morning launched a regularly scheduled connection providing weekly service between Prague and Baku. The Airbus 319 will operate every Thursday in both directions.

  • New route to Newcastle


    Leading Low Fare Airline has increased the number of routes from Prague airport to four with the addition of a new route to Newcastle in the North East of England starting in November 2010

  • Lowest prices on selected items


    Just like in other national airports, passengers at Prague Airport will now find products in a variety of shops labelled with the Best Price Guarantee sticker. Airport shops participating in the campaign will offer selected products featuring the sticker for the lowest prices in the Czech Republic.

  • New route to Dubai


    Emirates lived up to its name as the international airline of the UAE after passengers from more than 24 countries joined its first flight to Prague

  • Ticket sales from Prague to Lyon


    Starting July 1, 2010 easyJet will begin selling round-trip tickets from Prague to Lyon

  • Reaching Prague Airport for Half the Price – Starting this Summer


    Are you flying for holiday and are wondering how to get to the Prague Airport? From anywhere in the Czech Republic you can reach the station Prague Airport directly by train. There is an every-half-an-hour bus connection of Czech Railways, the Airport Express. You can even save half the ticket price using new acquisition discount „Vlak+ letiště Praha“, because you will pay just for the trip from home to the airport, the return is free of charge.

  • Prague Airport to support development of WheelTug electric aircraft drive system


    Prague-Ruzyne Airport has become the world's first airport to support development of a new technology enabling aircraft to use on-board electric motors to taxi between terminal gates and runways. The new WheelTug® system is expected to reduce aircraft emissions, fuel consumption, and noise at airports, and to improve safety, airlines' schedule reliability, and both airline and customer convenience at airports.

  • Interest Grows in Tours of Prague Airport


    More than 10,000 visitors took part in tours of the nonpublic area of the airport in just the first six months of this year. That's 3000 more than during the same period last year.

  • Prague Airport has signed a co-operation agreement


    Management of the company Prague Airport have signed a co-operation agreement with the Interest association of legal entities affected by operation of the Airport Prague – Ruzyne (thereinafter only Association) today. This agreement represents one of the important preconditions for mutual coexistence of the airport and surrounding municipalities and Prague city districts.

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