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  • The Summer Flight Schedule at Vaclav Havel Airport Prague Brings a Number of Changes, Including Connections to 15 New Destinations


    The new summer flight schedule comes into force at Vaclav Havel Airport Prague on March 30. In the upcoming season, which will run until October 25, 2014, 57 airlines will offer their services in the form of regularly scheduled flights to 119 locations around the globe. Compared to this time last year, Vaclav Havel Airport Prague will welcome eight new airlines and open connections to fifteen new destinations.

  • Korean Air Introduces A380 at Václav Havel Airport Prague


    An Airbus 380 touched down at Václav Havel Airport Prague this afternoon. The A380 is the largest passenger aircraft in the world. Korean Air showed off the flagship of its fleet to the Czech public, a wide-body, double-deck aircraft with four engines. The Airbus 380 carried passengers on the regularly scheduled Seoul – Prague link. This evening, it will return to Seoul carrying both regular passengers and 160 businessmen who took part in the CeBIT international trade fair in Hannover, Germany.

  • Partial Changes to Airport Security Measures Effective January 31, 2014


    As of Friday 01/31/2014, all airports within the EU will introduce an obligatory detection check in accordance with a European Union Regulation for liquids, aerosol and gels transported on board which serve as baby food or medicaments and for liquids, aerosols and gels sold at airports in sealed safety packages.

  • Václav Havel Airport Prague 2013 Results Show the City Is Attracting Ever More Travellers


    The total number of passengers passing through Václav Havel Airport Prague in 2013 grew by almost 1.5%. Last year's trend toward a growing number of local passengers also continued. Local passengers are those flying into or out of Prague as a chief destination. Their numbers grew 3.5%, comparable to the all-time record set in 2008. Declining numbers were recorded only for transfer passengers, i.e., those using Prague as an intermediate location.

  • Aeroflot and Czech Airlines Flew the Quietest Aircraft at Václav Havel Airport Prague in 2013


    The winners of the 7th year of the QUIETEST AIRLINE Contest at Václav Havel Airport Prague have been announced. In the Jet Aircraft category, Aeroflot Russian Airlines reclaimed its 2010 title, while in the propeller aircraft category, Czech Airlines aircraft were the quietest in the air. Today, the traditional Glass Swallow trophies were presented to the winners by representatives of both contest organizers – Marie Kousalíková, Mayor of Prague 6, and Prague Airport CEO Jiří Pos. The ceremony was made special by a musical performance featuring pupils from Základni Umělecká Škola Stodůlky, an arts school.

  • Prague Airport will offer direct connections this winter season to 90 destinations in 38 countries around the globe


    The winter schedule will get underway at Václav Havel Airport Prague on Sunday, October 27. 52 airlines plan operations at the airport during the period running from the end of October until March 29, 2014. 47 are passenger airlines and five are air cargo transporters. The winter flight schedule includes regularly scheduled connections to 90 destinations in 38 countries. The number of regularly scheduled direct passenger transport routes will increase slightly year-on-year to 85.

  • Václav Havel Airport Prague Will Have a Direct Connection to Canada


    The network of regularly scheduled connections flying out of Prague's international airport will expand in the 2014 summer flight season to include a new long-distance link. The new regular connection to Toronto and Montréal will be flown by the Canadian company Air Transat.

  • Main Runway at Václav Havel Airport Prague Now Back in Service


    The main runway for takeoffs and landings, RWY 06/24 is being put back into service in the evening hours today, after having completed the second and concluding phase of general reconstruction. With the reconstruction, Václav Havel Airport Prague now has a quality runway with a concrete surface built to last decades. The main runway will be used for the majority of operations, with the alternate runway once again being put into service only when meteorological conditions prevent takeoffs and landings on the main runway.

  • Personnel Changes in Czech Aeroholding Group


    At its meeting today, the Czech Airlines Supervisory Board was informed about Jiří Marek´s decision received to leave his post as Czech Airlines Vice-president for Sales and Marketing and resign from the position of Member of the Board of Directors. In October, the position of Czech Airlines Vice-president for Sales and Marketing and Member of the Czech Airlines Board of Directors will be performed by Jozef Sinčák who will by then have resigned from his current position of Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Executive Director for Business and Corporate Services of Prague Airport. Mr. Sinčák will be replaced at Prague Airport in both capacities by Marta Guthová who will, prior to her appointment to the company management, resign from her positions of Member of the Board of Directors and Director for Purchases, Sales and Marketing of Czech Aeroholding, the mother company of Prague Airport. The vacated position on the Czech Aeroholding Board of Directors will then be assumed by Jozef Sinčák. All mentioned personnel changes within the Czech Aeroholding Group are subject to the approval of the Statutory Bodies of all companies involved during the month of October. The Statutory Bodies will elect new members of their Boards of Directors at that time (at both daughter companies, members of the Boards of Directors are elected at the company General Meeting, at Czech Aeroholding, members of the Board of Directors are elected by the Supervisory Board). A General Meeting of Czech Airlines will be called towards the end of October to accept Mr. Marek’s resignation from his post as Member of the Board of Directors and appoint Mr. Sinčák to the vacated position.

  • Lithuanian and Czech Republican businessmen will from now on find communication easier


    On Friday 20 September the Václav Havel Airport Prague saw off the first aircraft of the new Lithuanian airline Air Lituanica.

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