Czechs Fly More Frequently and Their Satisfaction with Václav Havel Airport Prague Continues to Grow

Prague, 13 December 2016

  • On average, one in four Czech travellers fly more than once a year
  • Václav Havel Airport Prague is perceived in a positive way by 96% of local passengers

Czechs Travel More, Prague Airport Is Their First Choice

53% of Czech air travellers have flown more than once in the last two years, based on regular surveys conducted by the Median agency for Prague Airport with a pool of 3,000 respondents. The number of passengers who travel more frequently has also grown – 6% of respondents have flown six or more times in the last two years, which is twice last year’s result. 15% of respondents have flown three to five times during the same period.

Concurrently, the association of travelling with Václav Havel Airport Prague has also strengthened. It is perceived as the airport of first choice, which corresponds with Prague Airport’s vision. According to regular surveys conducted by Prague Airport, still more Czechs enjoy travelling. Their present share of the overall number of passengers is over 35%.

The airport has also surveyed the reasons for selecting a particular airport. The most important criterion remains ticket price (34% of respondents marked it as their primary factor for airport selection). The proximity of the airport to the respondent’s home ranked second (20% of respondents), while personal experience was the third most important criterion (13%), followed by the selection of routes/destination (8%), comfort / clear signage, pleasant environment (6%) and good public transport network to the airport (5%).

“While ticket price importance, which still remains the key decision-making factor, has dropped compared to last year, we have also noticed an increase in the importance of comfort offered to passengers by the airport,” Josef Fišer, Median Marketing Director and Analyst, said commenting on the survey results.

“We are pleased that the share of factors we can influence, such as personal experience, a wide selection of destinations and comfort in a pleasant environment, continues to grow. It is in this direction our steps within the “Changing Your Airport Experience” campaign are headed. The campaign’s goal is to both improve the price/quality ratio and to continue adjusting the services offered to meet passenger demand, thus creating a pleasant environment at the place where holidays start. Growing passenger satisfaction indicates that we are successful in our endeavours,” Václav Řehoř, Czech Aeroholding Chairman of the Board of Directors, said.

Václav Havel Airport Prague’s Perception Is Very Positive

The survey has confirmed a very positive perception of Václav Havel Airport Prague, with 96% of passengers evaluating the airport experience as positive and half of Czech passengers labelling their airport experience very good. In the last 15 months, the airport image has improved in the following aspects: pleasant, well organized, easy to navigate, friendly and cheap. “As we have been conducting the surveys repeatedly over the last two years, we can see continued improvements within the airport perception category. It proves that people have been noticing and appreciating the positive changes,” Fišer added.

The awareness of airport facilities has also grown. However, the survey also shows that there are areas still little known to the general public. Only 13% of the respondents knew that there is a public library run by Prague Airport and only 11% were aware of the existence of special rooms for families travelling with children. 22% of respondents knew that there are prayer room as the airport. The greatest number of respondents regularly use the airport’s free Wi-Fi, children’s corners and the mobile application. The use of these perks has been growing steadily since the first survey.

We continue to launch innovations and introduce them to passengers, as confirmed by the steadily growing interest in the listed services. Based on the survey results, most passengers have noticed and started using the free Wi-Fi service. The number of passengers getting refreshments at the airport and using the parking options has also grown. This corresponds with our results – the revenue from our restaurants has grown year-on-year by 77%, while there was a 40% increase in parking-generated revenue. Additional innovations, such as drinking fountains in all Piers and the aid provided by information assistants around the airport, have also been perceived in a positive way,” Václav Řehoř, praised, adding: “However, there is still a lot to improve. Despite the finalised changes, Czechs still connect Václav Havel Airport Prague with high service prices. To ensure that the public is aware of our reasonably priced refreshment and parking services, we will continue communicating these benefits. Currently, 72% of respondents still estimate the price of parking to be significantly higher than it is.”


About Prague Airport:

According to the IATA results, Václav Havel Airport Prague is one of the world’s most developing airports. Passengers can choose from the offer of 60 air carriers connecting Prague by direct scheduled services with more than 145 destinations worldwide. In 2015, the Changing Your Airport Experience campaign, with the goal of supporting the long-term perception of the airport as responsive, modern and a customer-attractive space where holidays start, was launched. As part of the positive changes, parking services have improved, changes to restaurant offers have been implemented, accentuating the quality/price ratio, the comfort of the airport interior areas has been increased and the offer of complimentary services, such as free Wi-Fi, information assistants around the airport and facilities for parents travelling with children, has been extended.

About the Survey:

The survey was conducted by the Median research agency as a combination of online questionnaires and interviews with a pool of 3,000 respondents from the “flying population” target group, i.e. the group of passengers who, within the last two years, have travelled outside of the Czech Republic by plane at least once. The data was collected at the turn of July and August 2016. 


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