In 2011, Prague Airport handled 11.8 million passengers, representing a 2% increase over the preceding year

Prague 01/26/2012

A total 11,788,629 passengers passed through Prague Airport in 2011, representing year-on-year growth of 2%. This in spite of the fact that the airport’s largest partner, Czech Airlines, is undergoing restructuring and interest in charter flights has dropped off somewhat. Aircraft have a higher occupancy rate, with year-on-year growth in passenger numbers occurring despite a 3.4% drop in movements.

“Positive trends in evidence last year include a significant year-on-year increase in the number of airline passengers excluding CSA, and a slight increase in passenger numbers taking advantage of budget airline services,” says Letiste Praha Director Jiri Pos. “Our passengers structure is changing, as well. There has been a pronounced strengthening in the so-called "point-to-point" segment, with a concurrent drop in transfer passengers."

In terms of operations, the strongest month was July, with 1,324,531 passengers. The most active day was July 1. 49,169 passengers passed through the airport on that day, in comparison with a daily average of 32,298 passengers. 49 airlines maintained regularly scheduled connections from Prague to a total of 132 destinations during 2011.

Scheduled flights represented 88.7% of the total traffic at the airport in 2011. 66.4% of passengers chose major airlines, 22.2% budget airlines, and 11.2%, charter airlines. The five busiest were Czech Airlines + Holidays Czech Airlines (38%), Travel Service + SmartWings (13%), Lufthansa, easyJet (each with 6%) and WizzAir (5%). The greatest number of passengers headed for destinations within Europe, at 91.1%. 3.8% were bound for Africa and 2.3% for the Mideast.

Regular research done for the airport by the STEM/Mark Agency showed a year-on-year increase in flying out of Prague among Czechs of 2.6% (Czechs represent 33% of the total). After Czechs themselves, the greatest use of Prague/Ruzyne Airport was made by Russians (11.2%), followed by French (5.4%), Americans (4.2%) and Brits (4%). Women make up the majority of passengers flying out of Prague, with a 53.5% share. One-third of passengers are between 25-34 years of age and one-quarter between 35-44 years of age. It is noteworthy that fully one-fifth of passengers fly out of Prague 3-5 times per year. 72% of passengers are making use of air transport for personal reasons, with the rest on business trips.

Supplementary information:

TOP Countries:

1. Germany

1,162,114 passengers


2. Great Britain

1,138,899 passengers


3. France

1,017,899 passengers


4. Italy

872,933 passengers


5. Russia

856,849 passengers


 TOP Destinations:

1. Paris/Charles de Gaulle

830,177 passengers


2. Moscow/Sheremetyevo

539,108 passengers


3. Frankfurt

514,061 passengers


4. Amsterdam

458,803 passengers


5. London/Heathrow

342,044 passengers


 Destinations with the greatest passenger growth:

Paris/Charles de Gaulle

+91,688 passengers



+90,958 passengers



+75,108 passengers



+67,056 passengers



+65,084 passengers


About Prague Airport: 
In 2011, the airport handled 11.8 million passengers. Prague Airport is the winner of the 2011 Eagle Award from the IATA as the top developing airport. During the 2011/2012 winter season, passengers enjoy access to 47 airlines connecting Prague directly with 96 destinations around the globe.

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