Prague Airport Travelers Make More and More Use of Self Check-In Kiosks

Prague 2/17/2011

Almost 667,000 passengers on scheduled flights, 13% of the total passenger count departing from Prague last year, made use of the 25 self check-in kiosks in both terminals of Prague Airport. Passengers of Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines were the greatest users of the self check-in kiosks last year at 55%, with passengers of Czech Airlines, Air France and KLM next with a 45% usage rate. January data for this year shows use of the kiosks continues to grow. 61% of Czech Airlines passengers, for example, used the kiosks on departure from Prague. The latest generation CUSS S3 kiosks have been in service at Prague Airport since the end of November 2009 and may presently be used by passengers flying with the following airlines: Czech Airlines, Air France, KLM, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Finnair and Iberia. Prague Airport is thus keeping pace with the global trend toward increasing passenger check-in capacity without additional investment.

The self check-in kiosks saw the most use between the hours of 8 AM-11 AM and then again between 3 PM-6 PM.

All passengers of the airlines noted above with an electronic ticket may use the CUSS S3 kiosks. If the self check-in kiosks may not be used for a particular flight, the passenger is notified that it will be necessary to use assisted check-in at the counter.

The system allows for rapid, simple, straightforward check-in, making for a better use of time at the airport.  Comfort self check-in is available in several languages, including English and Chinese. The self check-in process also offers supplementary services such as additional seating changes, the printing of a flight itinerary and return-flight check-in for one-day trips in which the return flight is within 24 hours of departure. The new kiosks feature a lowered touchscreen which makes them fully accessible to passengers who are wheelchair-bound, as well.

An instructional video on the upper monitor of the self check-in kiosk instructs passengers in its successful use. Trained personnel are ready to help passengers with any difficulties they may encounter. 

About Prague Airport:
In 2010, the airport handled 11.56 million passengers. Prague Airport was rated the Best Airport in Eastern Europe in the 2009 World Airport Awards. Passengers will have access during the 2010/2011 winter season to 46 airlines connecting Prague directly with 103 airports around the globe.

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