Relations with Surroundings

In line with its quest to pursue a strategy of social responsibility, Prague Airport places great stress on the area of building good relations with its surroundings. It focuses namely on the neighbouring municipalities and Prague city districts immediately affected by the aviation industry operations.

Prague Airport representatives have been in active contact with the representatives of these municipalities and city districts and have established a long-term relationship. Prague Airport also publishes a bulletin called TOGETHER for residents of these areas where they can learn about all activities happening at the airport and its plans for the future. Further, there was e.g. a long-term mobile information campaign executed in 2008 and 2010 and since 2009, at the end of each school summer break, a fun/informative afternoon for parents and children is organised at the airport.

Prauge Airport embraces long-term activities to minimize the aviation impact in the surrounding area; its incentive scheme encourages carriers to use the most modern and thus the quietest possible aircraft. In line with its quest to motivate airlines to approach the environmental issue in a responsible way, Prague Airport also periodically runs the ‘QUIETEST AIRLINE CONTEST’ in cooperation with representatives of Municipal District of Prague 6.  In the last ten years, in line with noise abatement regulations, Prague Airport has invested almost 600 million Czech crowns into replacement windows and balcony doors in family houses and buildings situated in municipalities and city districts within the declared noise protection zone.

Prague Airport has also launched two grant programmes focusing on activities that will enhance the quality and welfare of inhabitants living in the area affected by the airport’s operations. Programme “LIVING IN HARMONY” supports environmental protection projects while the programme titled “GOOD NEIGHBOUR” focuses on projects enhancing civil society development in regards to educational, cultural and other public sectors.