Pamper yourselves with meals

For something new, try the refreshment coupons we have prepared for you at attractive prices in a number of cafés and restaurants at the airport.
A brochure titled "DISCOUNT COUPONS", containing more than 36 coupons featuring discounts of up to 50 % on selected meals and drinks is freely available in racks at airport terminals, both in public and transit zones. Coupons are always valid for three months at a time, with the discount refreshment offering changing each quarter.

Refreshments at Prague-Ruzyne Airport are offered by a number of restaurants and cafés. A great advantage from the customers’ perspective is their division into three price categories labelled: low cost, medium and premium.

  • restaurants labelled with this symbol $ (low cost) guarantee a choice of three combinations of a meal and a drink for less than 100 CZK
  • a class higher are restaurants labelled $$ (medium) where a choice of three combinations of a meal with a drink can be ordered for less than 200 CZK
  • a third group of restaurants labelled $$$ (premium) offers menus for over 200 CZK

Passengers may also purchase refreshments (snacks and drinks) for low prices from vending machines located in both terminals.

All spaces have barrier-free access. Opening hours are usually from 7 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.; the self-service restaurants are open 24 hours a day.