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Just the same as at many other foreign airports, at Prague- Ruzyne Airport, a number of shops offering products labelled “The Best Price Guarantee” can newly be found. Airport shops participating in this campaign offer selected products labelled as mentioned above for the lowest price in the Czech Republic.
The best price guarantee brochure to download here (.pdf)

Security Measures

Security rules at European airports do not in any way limit the sales of perfumes, creams, drinks, gels or other liquids (except for flights to the USA - see below)

Terminal 1

If purchases of the type indicated above are made in Terminal 1 the goods will be placed along with their receipt in a see-through security bag. The purchase of goods of this type is not limited in terms of either volume or quantity. Upon leaving the point of sale, the bag must remain closed and intact until arrival at your target destination.

Terminal 2

In Terminal 2 shops are located behind the security checkpoint. After purchasing goods, passengers do not go through a security checkpoint, thus it is not necessary that the purchase be enclosed in a security bag. Beware however during transfers. Passengers transferring to other airports for further flights on the same day must enclose their purchases in a security bag (see the procedure indicated for sales in Terminal 1) in order to ensure that they are not seized at security checkpoints in other airports during transfers.

Exception - flights to the USA

Additional security measures are currently in place for flights to the USA, which does not recognize the uniform security measures taken at European airports. The permitted extent of liquids and gels is strictly limited to 1 resealable transparent bag per passenger with a maximum volume of 1 liter composed of individual packages of up to 100 ml.

More information on security measures may be found here.

Shopping at Prague Airport is pleasant and easy. Travellers and visitors can find over 85 shops opened from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. at Prague Airport selling attractive brand clothes and accessories including shoes, purses, handbags, ties, scarves and bijouterie. Jewellery and watches as well as leather goods, glass or toys are also available. Travel Value shops are to be found in the transit areas of Terminals 1 and 2 together with duty free shops offering a wide assortment of highly valued alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, sweets and cosmetics by renowned brands. The highest quality food products of the Czech provenience can be purchased in specialised shops in Terminals 1 and 2.

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