Support programs

Prague Airport Administration s.p., attempts to minimize the impact of civil aviation on its surrounding areas and follows the accepted environmental policy means stated by the Czech Republic’s legislation as well as that of relevant international institutions. Owing to the proactive approach of Prague Airport Administration s.p., there has not been any growth of the area affected by excessive noise since 1998, despite the increase in number of take-offs and landings.
Surrounding towns and city districts welcome and use Prague Airport Administration’s programmes aiming to improve their living conditions.

  • The purpose of the programme “Living in Harmony” is to provide financial support to the neighbouring towns and villages in the field of environmental improvement. Between 2004 and 2007, Prague Airport Administration s.p. made financial contributions to neighbouring towns and city districts of more than 72 million CZK for environmental improvements.
  • Prague Airport Administration s.p. also launched a programme titled “Good Neighbourhood” in 2007 through which it contributed the amount of 8 million CZK to civil society development projects. The projects included investment in education, culture and further areas of public life.
  • The Most Environmental Friendly Career Contest motivates airlines to pursue a friendly conduct towards the airport’s neighbouring towns and city districts. As a continuation of the first year’s success, the contest will be re-announced in April 2008.
  • Prague Airport Administration s.p. started issuing a quarterly magazine “Together” distributed to airport neighbourhood residents. The magazine provides, apart from civil aviation news and news regarding airport operations, information about various projects, financing of which reduces the civil aviation’s impact on environment.