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Aviation business


Cargo Traffic Development

Cargo Gateway Václav Havel Airport Prague

  • 107,000 tonns of cargo (2018, cargo+road feeder service)
  • 5 scheduled cargo airlines (ASL Belgium, Fedex, Qatar Airways Cargo, UPS, Turkish Cargo)
  • Over 65 scheduled passenger and cargo airlines

Ideal geographical location

  • Excellent connection to important cities in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Extensive network of road feeder services

Driving Distance

Prague (CZ)17 km25 min
Dresden (DE)160 km2 h
Brno (CZ)230 km2 h
Nuremberg (DE)290 km  2 h 30 min
Bratislava (SK)350 km3 h 15 min
Linz (AT)260 km  3 h 30 min
Vienna (AT)350 km  3 h 30 min
Munich (DE)370 km  3 h 30 min
Berlin (DE)       360 km  3 h 45 min
Wroclaw (PL)300 km  4 h
Ostrava (CZ)390 km  4 h
Frankfurt (DE)500 km  4 h 30 min

Cargo facilities

  • Over 25 logistic service providers at the airport
  • 3 high quality logistic parks in the direct vicinity of Prague Airport
  • Reliable and technologically advanced partners in the handling of cargo requirements

Sufficient capacity

  • 3 terminals with total capacity 235,000 tonnes of cargo annually
  • State-of-the art equipment
  • Operation and warehouse space 24,500 m2
  • Office space 8,000 m2
  • Border veterinary station
  • Handling of all types of goods
  • Valuable consignments
  • Dangerous or radioactive goods
  • Live animals
  • Frozen and perishable goods
  • 7 stands for cargo aircraft in the basic configuration, 9 in the alternative configuration for the max. number of aircraft

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New Cargo Destination Incentive

Landing Charge Incentive - Cargo Stands

This incentive supports all cargo carriers operating regular, scheduled flights to Prague in the landing charges department:

1st year

50% discount on landing fees

2nd year

25% discount on landing fees


  • A new cargo destination is understood as a destination that has not been serviced from Václav Havel Airport Prague for the last two operational seasons and if serviced than by carrier that had already discontinued its service;
  • The carrier has to apply for airport slots with the code “F” for its scheduled cargo flights at Prague Airport Slot Coordination;

  • From the launch date, the air carrier has to operate the cargo service at least once a week throughout the summer or winter schedule;
  • In the event that the air carrier discontinues the respective route operation prematurely (shall operate the flights for less than 12 months), Prague Airport shall be entitled to the reimbursement equal to the 50% of the allocated incentive for the first year of operation.

The above conditions apply concurrently and the carriers have to apply for enrolment in this incentive programme - here. This incentive programme is available to all carriers operating the same route to a new destination or a destination not previously serviced from Václav Havel Airport Prague.