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Transit Area

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: Non-Stop
Sat - Sun: Non-Stop

All guests of AeroRooms must act according to current governmental measures listed here.

Do you need to get some sleep before departure or after arrival? Do you want to avoid an early morning journey to the airport? Do you need to get some rest after your arrival? 

Then we are here for you. 

We offer two types of accommodation: 

  • for passengers before departure who have not been checked in yet – with access from the public area of the airport 

  • for passengers who have already been checked in – with access from the transit area of the airport, behind the passport control 


Simply choose the type of accommodation that suits you best. Not sure what to do? Feel free to contact us. 

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Where to Find Us

Public Area
Access to the hotel from the public area of the airport is located in the connecting building between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, and is only available to guests who have a valid booking. Prior booking is required.

Guests are required to present a confirmed booking number and a travel document and must use the ring video doorbell to be identified and to enter the hotel./p>

Non-public/Transit Area
Access to the hotel from the transit area of the airport is located in Departure Hall of Terminal 1, behind the passport control. We advise you to book a room in advance, but not necessarily.

Guests must present a valid boarding pass and a valid travel document and eventually a confirmed booking number as well to enter the hotel.

AeroRooms Hotel Offers

  • hotel rooms for 1–4 persons
  • baby crib on request
  • snacks and drinks to buy
  • TV, Wi-Fi, magazines

Price List

Hotel Room  

From 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 

  •   CZK 999 / single room
  •   CZK 999 / double room
  • CZK 1,998  / triple room
  •   CZK 399 / each additional child under the age of 3

a baby crib can be arranged for a fee of CZK 399 (child under the age of 3)

From 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. 

  • CZK 1,999 / single room
  • CZK 1,999 / double room
  • CZK 2,998 / triple room
  •   CZK  399 / each additional child under the age of 3

a baby crib can be arranged for a fee of CZK 399 (child under the age of 3)

Private Xbox Lounge 

From 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

  •    CZK 999 / per room (max. 2 persons)
  •  CZK 1,998 / per room (max. 3 persons)
  •    CZK 999 / each additional adult in the room
  •    CZK 399 / each additional child under the age of 3

The Xbox Lounge cannot be booked during the night-time. 

Private Shower 

  • CZK 99/ 30 min / 1 person 

The above stated prices are inclusive of VAT.

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How to book

Book your room at least 45 hours in advance via the booking form, or contact us at We will check the free capacity and confirm your reservation immediately.

We will send you the reservation number, which take with you, please. It is essential to present it for registration. If you have any questions or requirements, do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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Cancellation Policy

  • No fee: for cancellations made no later than 12 hours before your scheduled arrival at the hotel 

  • Fee of 50% of the price: for cancellations made less than 12 hours and more than 6 hours before your scheduled arrival at the hotel 

  • Fee of 100% of the price: for cancellations made less than 6 hours before your scheduled arrival at the hotel 


We will inform you in writing within a reasonable time about the applicable cancellation fee being charged. 

If you have paid for the ordered services by card, we have the right to deduct the amount corresponding to the value of the provided services or the cancellation fee from this card. 

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Terms of Use

Public part of the hotel – access from the public area of the airport  

  • for passengers departing from or arriving to any terminal  

  • access to the hotel is not possible without prior booking and a valid travel document 

  • a valid booking number  must be reported to the hotel staff via the ring video doorbell upon entry 

Non-public/transit part of the hotel – access from the transit area of Terminal 1 

  • only for passengers who have already been checked in and checked in their baggage and have a valid boarding pass and a valid travel document 

  • only for departures from Terminal 1 (for flights outside the Schengen Area) 

  • in transit – if you are transferring within Terminal 1 (flights to countries outside the Schengen Area) or transferring between Terminal 1 a Terminal 2 

  • if you are travelling only within the Schengen Area, whose flights are handled in Terminal 2, you cannot, unfortunately, use the AeroRooms services provided in the transit area 

  • access to the hotel is possible even without prior booking – when there are rooms available, we will be happy to provide accommodation to you 

Due to valid measures, only following people can use the services of the AeroRooms hotel:

  •  people with a PCR test not older than 72 hours who 
    • are under 18
    •  cannot get vaccinated (and they must provide a record in the Information system for infectious diseases or a medical record)
    •  are vaccinated and
      • had their 1st dose of vaccine less than 14 days ago (single-dose vaccine)
      • had not yet received their 2nd dose of a two-dose vaccine and a maximum period for the application of the 2nd dose has not yet passe
      • had their 2nd dose of vaccine less than 14 days ago (single-dose vaccine)
  • people with a valid vaccination certificate
  •  people with a certificate of Covid-19 recovery, who had their positive PCR test less than 180 days ago

Children under 12 are exempt from this rule and do not have to provide any certificate.

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