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A day with the fire department, a birthday party or a wedding at the airport? Starting this Summer, Prague Airport Offers Several Special Experiences


Current Information and Recommendation for Passengers:

Information on the airport's protective measures, prevention, testing and other important information for travelling can be found HERE.

ALERT: According to the Czech Government regulation effective as of 25 February 2021, please wear a FFP2 respirator or two surgical masks when inside the airport. It is no longer possible to use textile face mask or use other ways of covering your nose and mouth. Thank you for protecting yourselves and those around you.

Transit through Germany is possible only subject to humanitarian and other exceptions. Therefore, it is not possible to transfer at a German airport, for example, when travelling on holiday. More information HERE.

We ask passengers flying to Amsterdam who wish to undergo a mandatory antigen test to arrive at the airport at least three (3) hours before their scheduled departure. More information HERE.

To review all conditions to travel to the Czech Republic, please visit the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic’s website.

Regular operations at Václav Havel Airport Prague are returning back and passengers can now fly to approximately 80 destinations, mainly across Europe. However the current lower traffic offers also a unique opportunity. Prague Airport has decided to introduce areas of the international airport regularly hidden from view to the general public. Prague Airport is launching a number of extraordinary experiences to be enjoyed during the summer months and beyond. Would you like to become an airport firefighter or celebrate your birthday or wedding directly at the airport? You can also explore behind the scenes of the airport on several airport tours and visit the Runway Park on the former runway 22. Use the opportunity and experience something completely different.

Birthday Parties in a Non-traditional Setting

Prague Airport has prepared a concept of birthday parties for children. As part of this birthday package, the airport will take care of all the organizational details, prepare an interesting tour around the airport for the child of the hour and their guests, including decorations and refreshments. The birthday person will also receive an airport-themed gift. Dates of the celebrations can be arranged via e-mail:

Weddings at Prague Airport

Engaged couples have the opportunity to experience a non-traditional wedding directly at Václav Havel Airport Prague in one of its three lounges. At the same time, they do not have to worry about the organization, refreshments, or accommodation, as Prague Airport will provide them with a room directly in the AeroRooms Airport Hotel. It can all be arranged based on an individual agreement with the couple and their wishes, which they can send through via e-mail:  

Experience with Prague Airport Firefighters

Prague Airport has prepared a special programme for all admirers of the work of firefighters and firefighting equipment directly with the Prague Airport Response, Rescue and Fife-Fighting Unit. Throughout the excursion, those interested will have the opportunity to learn what firefighters normally encounter in the field, check their equipment and special airport emergency vehicles, such as the Rosenbauer Panther, or visit the operations centre, which receives emergency signals at the airport. Participants will also be able to try out the work of a firefighter directly in a simulator designed for training. Airport firefighters will also advise the participants on the correct steps to take should they witness a fire.

Airport Tours 

Just as all year round, in the summer, Prague Airport is organising tours around the airport grounds and premises. Visitors can choose from group and individual tours. Prague Airport offers a total of eight tour routes, most of which allow participants to photograph aircraft directly from the viewing area or visit otherwise inaccessible corners of the airport. Special photo-tours are also available on some dates.

Nights at the Airport for Families, Friends or Couples

Prague Airport has designed experience packages for families with children and for couples or friends. Thanks to these packages, visitors will have the opportunity to experience a unique overnight stay directly at the airport. Packages include a night at the AeroRooms hotel located directly in the airport terminal, parking in front of the terminal near the hotel, a tour around the airport grounds and a breakfast at the recently opened Runway Restaurant with the airside view.

Runway Park

A Runway Park, primarily intended for educational and fun purposes, has launched its operations on the grounds of ​​Václav Havel Airport Prague for the whole summer. The Runway Park is located directly on the former runway 22 in the immediate vicinity of aircraft and offers a unique experience behind the scenes of an international airport. Learn more about the programme and opening hours of the venue at

Detailed information regarding individual activities and basic prices are available on the website: In the case of birthday parties and weddings, the price will depend on individual requirements and the specific package.


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