Relations with Surroundings

Employee care

We pay systematic attention to our employee development as the company success depends on their performance and try to ensure their overall contentment.

  • Our employees’ specialty and professional knowledge are increased and developed through a wide range of trainings and workshops organised every year as part of our structured vocational programme.
  • We try to help our employees live a balanced personal and professional life. Provided it is not in conflict with the operations of a particular department, we support flexible working hours, part-time jobs and a home office concept.
  • We support employed parents, organising regular annual events for family members of our employees, namely Children’s Day and St. Nicholas’s Day. The nearby kindergarten may also be frequented by the children of our employees.
  • The management pays the utmost attention to effective and regular internal communication. We use various channels for passing on information, such as intranet, printed company magazine, electronic newsletters, regular meetings of employees with company management. At the same time, we encourage and welcome employee feedback.
  • The company offers a number of employee perks and benefits under the Cafeteria programme (pension and life insurance; sports, holiday and cultural events vouchers; catering allowances and more paid days off).
  • Our employee health and safety are our key priorities. We regularly assess risks, pursue preventive measures at workplace and work closely with the Trade Union regarding this field.
  • We involve our employees in the company charity work. Every employee may donate some of their benefits to a non-profit organisation. The amount they choose to donate is then matched by the employer. Every employee is also able to spend one workday helping one of the neighbouring non-profit organisations.