Corporate Culture and Values
Corporate Culture and Values

Ethical and transparent business


Current Information and Recommendation for Passengers:

Information on the airport's protective measures, prevention, testing and other important information for travelling can be found HERE.

ALERT: According to the Czech Government regulation, please wear a FFP2 respirator when inside the airport. Thank you for protecting yourselves and those around you.

If you are flying from Prague, you can travel to the airport through different districts of the Czech Republic based on the exception for travelling outside the country. However, you must present an official form by the Czech Ministry of Interior together with a flight ticket reservation, a boarding pass or a confirmation of accommodation.

We ask passengers flying to Amsterdam who wish to undergo a mandatory antigen test to arrive at the airport at least three (3) hours before their scheduled departure. More information HERE.

To review all conditions to travel to the Czech Republic, please visit the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic’s website.

In line with our values of responsibility and transparency, our company, according to good practice on the market, implements comprehensive Compliance Programmes that help to create the company's corporate culture as well as influence business ethics outwardly.

The foundation for responsible and transparent business is our Code of Conduct and Ethical Principles which is, however, only the start of this approach. Our company is aware of the risks of unfair practices including corruption, and systematically maps these risks and actively prevents them using appropriate tools; we assess e.g. the riskiness of individual jobs, we are interested in the integrity of selected employees and define clear and binding rules in the area of conflict of interests and competition. We also have clearly defined rules for accepting and providing gifts and entertainment, promoting one of the key principles, i.e. that, in order to reduce undesirable influence on decisions taken, including corrupt practices, we never request gifts and avoid accepting them.
We are convinced that, in the case of our company, it is not enough to promote business ethics and transparency only within the company itself, but also through our relationships with our business partners. We are interested in working with business partners and organizations which, like us, not only perceive the need to adhere to ethical principles and binding rules, but are also responsive to the environment and society as a whole. We have defined the minimum requirements that are a prerequisite for accomplishing a correct relationship. We expect our business partners to respect them just as we do. We are actively interested in who we work with, we map the risks of established business relationships and we also try to use all appropriate and available tools to prevent risks and promote our values.
We are really serious about this whole approach to business, the internal measures we have adopted and their outward promotion, and perceive them as part of our social responsibility.