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Jakub Puchalský Appointed New Member of Prague Airport Board of Directors


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Effective 1 July 2020, Jakub Puchalský has been appointed a new member of the Prague Airport Board of Directors. Mr. Puchalský will oversee aviation and non-aviation business, marketing and communication departments, transferring to the Board of Directors from the position of Prague Airport Non-Aviation Business Executive Director. The Prague Airport Board of Directors remains a four-member echelon. Milan Špaček, a former member of the Board of Directors, will stay in the company in the role of Security Department Executive Director.

Jakub Puchalský has been with Prague Airport for nearly six years. In September 2014, he joined the Czech Aeroholding Group with the responsibility for its corporate and marketing communication. After the merger of Czech Aeroholding and Prague Airport in 2018, Mr. Puchalský became Prague Airport Corporate Communication, Marketing and Customer Experience Executive Director. Subsequently, in February 2020, he assumed responsibility for the Non-Aviation Business Department.

For almost the last seven years prior to his arrival in Prague Airport, Jakub Puchalský worked at Raiffeisenbank, where he was in charge of External and Internal Communication. From 2003, he worked in the Unilever food concern, where he first managed Communication of the Czech And Slovak subsidiaries and then moved to the company’s Dutch headquarters, where he stayed for over two years as Director of Internal Communication in charge of Europe. Between the years 1998 and 1999, Mr. Puchalský was appointed CEO of Czech Television. He started his professional career in the Czech News Agency and in BBC foreign broadcasts, first in London and then in Prague. Jakub Puchalský graduated from the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University.

Milan Špaček, former member of the Prague Airport Board of Directors, will stay in the company in his current role of Security Department Executive Director. The segment will now be under the direct supervision of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Václav Řehoř.   


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