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Current information and recommendation for passengers:

Thank you for protecting yourself and other travellers at the airport by wearing a face mask, keeping a safe distance, washing your hands frequently and using hand sanitizers.
We recommend checking the entry requirements of the country you are travelling to and the measures taken by your airline.

To review all conditions to travel to the Czech Republic, please visit the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic’s website.

Information on the airport's protective measures can be found HERE


PRAGUE AIRPORT provides the option of connecting air carriers with tourist organisations active in the Czech Republic for the purpose of promoting destination marketing. The main goal of the co-operation performed under the TouchPoint brand is to jointly support the incoming tourism and help airlines develop their air services at Prague Airport.
If you need additional details, please contact Mr. Jaroslav Filip at Jaroslav.Filip@prg.aero.

Prague Airport works closely with the following organisations in the Czech Republic:


The CZECH TOURIST AUTHORITYCZECHTOURISM was established in 1993 as a government-owned corporation of the Czech Ministry of Regional Development. CzechTourism promotes the Czech Republic as a touristic destination, contributes to building the country’s reputation internationally and attracts international visitors using a network of 24 offices located abroad while working in cooperation with various businesses. In addition to the capital city of Prague, which has already achieved an exceptional recognition world-wide, CzechTourism promotes less known destinations located in various regions of the Czech Republic.
Mr. František Reismüller
Director of Foreign Offices
ČCCR – CzechTourism


PRAGUE CITY TOURISM (PCT) is a marketing and service organisation funded by the City of Prague and dedicated to the development and management of tourism in the Czech capital. In addition to marketing Prague as an international as well as domestic tourism destination, Prague City Tourism provides a wide range of services to potential and current visitors to Prague via its network of five visitor centres spread throughout the city, organizes educational programmes for the public, runs certification courses for professional tour guides and serves as an authority in the fields of tourism and destination marketing. In order to spread awareness of Prague and its vast and varied tourism potential, Prague City Tourism runs the Prague.eu website and publishes a wide range of printed guides, maps and brochures. It is a member of the European Cities Marketing (ECM) organization.
Mr. Petr Slepička
Interim CEO
Prague City Tourism
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CENTRAL BOHEMIA TOURIST BOARD is a marketing organisation focused on the development and promotion of tourism in the largest region of the Czech Republic.
Its head office activities include promoting tourism and tourism-related activities in the Central Bohemian region, creating and producing promotional materials and tourism products, as well as running the Central Bohemian Tourist Information Centre on Husova street 21 in Prague. The organisation also presents Central Bohemian opportunities at domestic and international tourism exhibitions and fairs. Last but not least, we work with the media and travel trade partners both in the Czech Republic and abroad in organising press trips and sector familiarisation trips.
Mrs. Karolína Kratochvílová
Project Manager
Central Bohemia Tourist Board