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Preventing the Spread of Coronavirus Infection, Prague Airport Has Adopted Measures to All Flights from Italy


Information for Passengers Subject to Measures Applied by the Czech Government


- A ban on entry to the territory of the Czech Republic for all foreigners except for foreigners with permanent or temporary (over 90 day-long) residency in the Czech Republic

- A ban on travelling abroad for all Czech citizens. Foreigners with permanent residency or over 90-day-long temporary residency in the Czech Republic can leave the Czech Republic without possibility to return during the state of emergency.

The updated list of countries included in the declared risk area is available here

If you are subject to said measures, please do not travel to Václav Havel Airport Prague.

We recommend that you contact your air carrier or your ticketing agent regarding an alternative solution.

The current operational information from the airport can be found HERE.

The information on the prevention of the spread of coronavirus can be found HERE.

*To review exceptions to travel restrictions, please visit the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic’s website

In relation to the occurrence of coronavirus in Italy, Prague Airport has adopted the following operating measures that apply to all arrivals from Italy. According to the information that is currently available, Prague Airport is the first one in the world to implement similar measures with respect to flights arriving from all Italian destinations.

All arrivals from Italy have been placed to the designated gates and passengers travelling from Italy will only be able to enter the terminal through these gates. These gates will not be used for any other flights. This measure applies to six gates on the ground floor of Pier D in Terminal 2 which are the closest to the exit from Terminal 2. By implementing this measure, passengers travelling from Italy will be concentrated in one location. This will significantly simplify the parts of the airport in which passengers travelling from Italy will be allowed to move.

Stricter sanitary measures will be in place in these designated arrival gates with more frequent disinfection. Airport security staff will be responsible for conducting direct visual passenger screening.

Staff members will be instructed to pay attention to arriving passengers. If they notice any visible signs of a respiratory disease, they are to notify the Airport Security and immediately refer such passengers to the care of Prague Airport’s permanent medical service.

Airport employees will also proactively hand out information leaflets in the gate area, instructing passengers on what to do if they feel any signs of a respiratory disease. Such passengers should not leave the airport and should seek medical attention at the airport.

Information boards were also installed in the gates designated for all arrivals from Italy.

Flights from Italy which are handled on the stands (at positions further from the terminal without an airbridge) will be transferred by airport buses to one of the dedicated gates specified for this purpose. These gates is also located on the ground floor of Pier D in Terminal 2. Buses will be disinfected after every arrival.

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