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Protective Measures - COVID-19

Important Information for Passengers


Current information and recommendation for passengers:

Thank you for protecting yourself and other travellers at the airport by wearing a face mask, keeping a safe distance, washing your hands frequently and using hand sanitizersWe recommend checking the entry requirements of the country you are travelling to and the measures taken by your airline.

ALERT: Please note that according to a new measure implemented by the Dutch government as of 23 January 2021, in addition to a negative RT-PCR test result, all passengers coming to the Netherlands must present also a negative COVID-19 antigen test result before their departure to Amsterdam. The test must be performed no later than 4 hours before boarding the aircraft. Passengers can undergo the antigen test directly at the airport at the testing point in the connecting corridor between terminal buildings, which operates daily from 4:00 a.m. to midnight. However, we recommend checking the available provider's capacity online on the GHC Genetics’ website. More information about testing can be found here.

We ask all passengers to Amsterdam who are about to undergo a mandatory antigen test at Václav Havel Prague Airport to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before departure. More important information  HERE

To review all conditions to travel to the Czech Republic, please visit the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic’s website.

Information on the airport's protective measures, prevention, testing and other imporant information for travelling can be found HERE.

Many protective measures have been set up at Václav Havel Airport Prague for several months. Departures and arrivals take place under strict hygienic conditions, which are to ensure the health and safety of passengers. All passengers and airport visitors must follow current regulation and wear face masks or use other ways of covering their nose and mouth, keep a safe distance, wash their hands frequently and use hand sanitizers when inside the airport. Thank you for protecting yourselves and those around you.

Public Health Passenger Locator Form

For passengers arriving to Czech Republic after 21 september 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemia

  1. All passengers travelling to the Czech Republic from the countries that are not on the list of the countries with a low risk of COVID-19 contagion, available on the webiste of Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, have to fill the Public Health Passenger Locator Form before their departure.
    Online form is available on the website
  2. After a completed form is sent, the passenger will receive a confirmation e-mail with the QR code and link.
  3. The form can be printed out or displayed on a mobile device and presented during passport control on arrival in the Czech Republic. 
  4. We also recommend to passengers to check current regulation and all conditions valid for travel to the Czech Republic.

The current leaflet of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic can be downloaded HERE.

Restriction on the Entry of Foreigners to the Czech Republic

On 18 December 2020, the Government of the Czech Republic decided on the ban to the free movement of all persons in the territory of the Czech Republic.

It is possible to travel to the Czech Republic only for essential reasons

  • travelling to work or for business purposes (including cross-border workers)
  • essential family travel
  • travelling to healthcare facilities

It is possible to travel to and out of Czechia without necessity of filling the Public Health Passenger Locator form or submitting a PCR test result for the period of time not exceeding 24 hours. However it is possible to travel for only limited reasons:

  • bussines meetings or other work performance
  • obtaining basic needs, grocery shopping, refueling
  • journeys to medical facilities
  • handling of urgent official matters
  • funerals
  • all exceptions from the free movement ban can be found in the latest protective measure published by the Czech Ministry of Health HERE.

Conditions for Passengers Travelling from the UK

According to the Czech Ministry of Health's regulation, valid as of 5 January 2021, all passengers departing from the UK to the Czech Republic are obliged to provide the carrier with a confirmation of the filled Public Health Passenger Locator Form (available online at and also with a negative antigen or RT-PCR COVID-19 test result performed in the territory of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland no later than 72 hours before the scheduled departure. After arrival, there is an obligation to undergo an RT-PCR test between the fifth and seventh day post arrival or submit to a 10-day quarantine. Only international transport workers and persons transiting through the UK to the Czech Republic are excluded from the above-mentioned obligations.

We remind all passengers travelling to the Czech Republic to check valid travel conditions and entry requirements before their flight.

As a result of the crisis measures issued by the Government of the Czech Republic it is not possible to travel to Czech Republic for the purpose of tourism or visiting friends.

The current leaflet of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic can be downloaded HERE.

Rules to entry to Czech Republic 18-12-2020

valid from 18 December 2020

The current leaflet of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic can be downloaded HERE

COVID-19: Instructions for Passangers

Instructions for Passangers


Safety Measures on Board the Aircraft

HEPA Filters

Please contact your airline to receive information on specific safety measures on board. Each airline may apply different safety measures.

Testing for presence of COVID-19. Directly at Václav Havel Airport Prague. Passengers and visitors can now be tested for the presence of the virus causing COVID-19 directly at airport. More information HERE.