Before travelling, please familiarise yourselves with the following safety rules and what items can be carried in hand baggage. Before boarding the plane, each passenger and each baggage item must go through the security check. Upon your arrival at the security check, you must follow these g rules to pass the check smoothly:

Before travelling, please read carefully Items Prohibited/Allowed on Board.

  • Take out any electronics (laptops, e-book readers, tablets) from your hand baggage and place them into the plastic box.
  • Put a transparent plastic bag of a maximum of 1 litre containing your liquid products in the plastic box
  • Also put any metallic objects that you have on you (such as coins, mobile phone, keys or belts) in the plastic box.
  • In addition, put the top layer of your clothing (jacket, coat) in the plastic box
  • Place the plastic box with its electronics, liquids and other objects along with the hand baggage on the X-ray equipment belt and await the instructions of the security check staff, who will invite you to pass through the detection frame
  • Once you have gone through the detection frame or scanner, you may be invited for further checks, such as detection of the presence of explosives, manual search etc.
  • Once your baggage has been checked by the security staff, you may be invited to open your baggage so that its content may be examined more thoroughly. The security staff may also invite you to have any other inspected objects checked, for example to determine their functionality
  • Once the safety check is over, do not forget to take your personal effects and baggage with you