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Vending Machines with Protective Gear Available at Prague Airport

Prague Airport has implemented a number of protective measures to reduce the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus during travel and ensure greater passenger safety. These measures naturally include the obligation to wear a face mask or in other way cover one’s airways while inside the airport. Passengers can buy face masks and other gear preventing the spreading of infection from vending machines installed directly at Václav Havel Airport Prague.

Alongside disposable airway covers, i.e. face masks, the installed vending machines offer Nano face masks and safety packs containing a face mask, an antimicrobial wet wipe and a pair of gloves. Vending machines are located in the public areas of both terminal buildings (1 & 2) and in the connecting corridor between terminals close to the COVID-19 test point.

The vending machines offer passengers face mask two-packs for CZK 50, Nano face mask two-packs for CZK 70 and the above-mentioned safety packs for CZK 100. The operator of the vending machines is Batist Medical.

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Denisa Hejtmánková
K letišti 1019/6