Passengers at Václav Havel Airport Prague can connect to the wireless internet network free of charge. The wireless network signal is transmitted 24/7 throughout Terminals 1 and 2.

Thanks to the high density of hotspots, high accessibility can be guaranteed, eliminating the possibility of the connection dropping in the middle of your work. To connect, use the SSID of

All you need is a notebook, mobile phone or PDA equipped with a Wi-Fi connection.

Wi-Fi Connection Guidelines

If you have a notebook, a PDA or a mobile phone correctly configured, you can connect to the network of (SSID). The FreeWiFi network offers unlimited Internet connection.

  1. Click Start -> Settings -> Network connections
  2. Right-click the “Wireless Network Connection” option and select the “Show Available Networks” option
  3. A list of accessible networks is displayed. Choose the network and click the “Connect” button. wifi-navod.gif


  4. After connecting to the network, open your Internet browser.
  5. You can now use Internet.