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New market opportunities

Prague Airport Requirements


Informujte se o způsobech prevence šíření nákazy koronavirem a o dalším postupu v případě podezření na danou nákazu.

What does an Airline Have to do before it Starts Operating Prague?

1. Airline has to agree With the Prague Airport’s payment conditions

  • Prague Airport has the right to agree a particular invoicing procedure with the airline.
  • Prague Airport usually applies a monthly invoicing period with a 30-day payment term; for newly coming airlines or airlines with no regular payments, the airport introduces a 10-day invoicing and 14-day payment periods.
  • Prague Airport has the right to ask the airline for a bank guaranteed deposit or advance payment, at least for two months of its operation.

2. Airline has to deliver Noise Certificates for proper accounting

  • Prague Airport accepts either a scanned copy of Noise Certificates of all airline’s aircraft or if the airline follows the so called “weight flexible concept” procedure, Prague Airport can also accept email files if delivered on time to the Airport Datamanagement Department.
  • Prague Airport asks that the Noise Certificates updates are provided every time there is an update issued.

3. Other necessary data that need to be provided by airlines

  • Name and all contact details (cell phone and e-mail address) of person(s) responsible for operation, ground handling, accounting, route development, marketing and PR activities
  • Prague Airport asks that the airline logo is delivered in “eps” format to make sure that it is later properly displayed in airport information system as well as on check-in and gate screens
  • Prague Airport requests to be informed about the name of the handling agent with whom the airline has signed the Standard Ground Handling Agreement.