New destinations and carriers

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Last update 24/05/2017

 Destination AirlineFrequencyFrom
Web Note        
  Liverpool   Ryanair 4/week 26/03/2017 new flights
  Berlin/Tegel   Air Berlin 4/day 26/03/2017 +2 frequencies / day
new Trapani   Ryanair 2/week 28/03/2017 new destination
new Verona   Czech Airlines 4/week 29/03/2017 new destination
  Lisbon   TAP Portugal 10/week 30/03/2017 +2 frequencies / week
  Rome/Fiumicino   Alitalia 1/day 31/03/2017 +1 frequency / week
  Eindhoven   Transavia 9/week 07/04/2017 +1 frequency / week
new Malmö   Czech Airlines 4/week 08/04/2017 new destination
  Edinburgh   easyJet 6/week 11/04/2017 +2 frequencies / week
new Almeria   SmartWings 3/week 13/04/2017 new destination
  London/Southend new Flybe 5/week 08/05/2017 new flights
  Yekaterinburg   Ural Airlines 3/week 09/05/2017 +1 frequency / week
  Lisbon   Czech Airlines 4/week 10/05/2017 new flights
new Aarhus   Czech Airlines 4/week 11/05/2017 new destination
new Menorca   SmartWings 3/week 17/05/2017 new destination
new Ras Al Khaimah   SmartWings 1/wee5 22/05/2017 new destination
new Keflavik   Wizz Air 2/week 31/05/2017 new destination
new Keflavik   Czech Airlines 2/week 01/06/2017 new destination
  Riga   Air Baltic 10/week 02/06/2017 +3 frequencies / week
  Zurich   Vueling 3/week 02/06/2017 new flights
  Beijing   Hainan Airlines 4/week 04/06/2017 +1 frequency / week
new Sharm El Sheik   Air Cairo 1/week 26/06/2017 new destination
  Athens   Aegean Airlines 6/week 01/07/2017 +1 frequency / week
  Madrid   Ryanair 4/week 29/10/2017 new flights
  Barcelona   Ryanair 7/week 29/10/2017 new flights
new Krakow   Ryanair 2/week 29/10/2017 new destination
  Bologna   Ryanair 3/week 29/10/2017 new flights
  Budapest   Ryanair 5/week 29/10/2017 new flights
  Edinburgh   Ryanair 3/week 29/10/2017 new flights
  Eindhoven   Ryanair 7/week 29/10/2017 new flights
  Málaga   Ryanair 2/week 29/10/2017 new flights
  Birmingham 2/week 03/11/2017 new flights