Train + Airport Express

Special deal - Train


Czech Railways and  Václav Havel Airport Prague introduced their new offer for passengers: Train & Airport. Thanks to this promotion campaign, passengers can now travel for special price to  Václav Havel Airport Prague and back home by train (domestic line) from any connected location in the Czech Republic. Transport between the Prague Main Railway Station and the airport or vice versa is arranged by the Airport Express (AE) shuttle bus free of charge. Please do not forget to get your return ticket stamped upon arrival. Stamps with the date of travel can be obtained at the Information Desk in arrival halls against a boarding pass and personal ID presentation.

Offer valid under these conditions:

  • at any railway station in the ČD network, the passenger purchases a return VLAK+ Prague Airport ticket for 2nd class travel to the station Praha letiště/Airport (BUS) for the price of a customer one-way return ticket for 2nd class travel (a 25% discount of regular return ticket)
  • this ticket is valid as a return ticket, i.e. for one outbound journey and one return journey along the same route, only if it is stamped at a  Václav Havel Airport Prague information desk
  • passengers thus receive a 25% discount off the regular fare
  • the ticket is valid for 30 days
  • tickets can be purchased through advance sales 2 months prior to departure
  • it is not possible to purchase a VLAK+ Prague Airport ticket through the ČD eShop.


Conditions for the return journey from the airport

  • the OUTBOUND journey must be boarded on the first day of the ticket’s validity
  • the RETURN journey from the station Praha letiště/Airport (BUS) can be boarded at any time during the ticket’s term of validity provided there is a date stamp on the back of the ticket; without this stamp the ticket is invalid for the RETURN journey and the passenger will pay the fare for which he or she can demonstrate eligibility
  • the date specified on the stamp is the boarding date for the RETURN journey; the journey must be completed by midnight (24:00) on the following day, but no later than by midnight (24:00) of the last day on which the ticket is valid
  • after 8 p.m. (20:00) the ticket can, upon the passenger’s request, be stamped with the date of the following day
  • the stamp on the ticket for the RETURN journey is obtained by the passenger at an information desk in the arrival terminals of the Prague Airport upon presenting a valid boarding pass and personal identification

The ticket is valid on all ČD trains including Airport Express bus connections from Prague Main Station to  Václav Havel Airport Prague.