Security rules

Airport operator in accordance with § 85c of Act No. 49/1997 Coll. on civil aviation issues conditions for entry and stay of passangers, other persons and entry of vehicles into airport area. These are listed in Entry Regulations Prague Airport.

All users of Prague Airport have to meet these conditions.


  • Get familiarized with the standards on aviation security before your travel to the airport; should you have any doubts do not hesitate to contact the airlines you travel with, or the airport information desk.

Items not allowed to carry in hand baggage

Items not allowed to carry in hold baggage

Items whose transport is frequently questioned

  • Arrive to the airport sufficiently in advance to have enough time for smooth check-in of your baggage and subsequent security checks.
  • At the security restricted area wait until it is your turn. Respect the corridors, always respect instructions and orders of the security officers. Thus you will contribute to smooth course of security check.
  • Take plastic bag containing liquids and gels out of your luggage
  • Take out large electronics items (laptop, etc.) out of your baggage and put it in the plastic tray
  • Place your baggage on the X-ray machine belt conveyor.
  • Put all metal objects in the plastic tray, e.g. mobile phones, keys, cigarettes, coins, wallet.
  • Also put your outwear in the plastic tray (coat, jacket).9. Wait for instructions of security officers and when they ask you so, pass through the detection frame
  • Accept calmly potential call for additional check, it is not directed against you personally.
  • Your luggage and personal belongings will be subjected to X-ray check. When asked, open your baggage, or to submit any of the checked objects for subsequent inspection, please be willing and accept without reservations. Once the security check is completed, do not forget to take your luggage back together with all your left-off things.

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