Prague Airport’s perception of environment related activities conforms to the objectives of the ongoing sustainable development; a necessary condition for the corporation’s further growth. The airport uses all means to minimize the aviation impact on the residents of the neighbouring areas and supports activities leading to improvement of their living conditions.

Apart from other activities, Prague Airport has been carrying out the noise abatement programme in its declared noise protection area and assessing the environmental impact of all company activities. The airport has also started to develop the environmental management system. Investment projects and their execution are always decided upon with regards to their environmental impact. Airport has been working together with local authorities, communities active in its neighbourhood and other parties by its operations as well as sharing its environment related experience with other ACI Europe members. Decreasing the waste volumes, consumption of natural resources and strict recycling policy have been some of the applied means.

In 2008, Prague Airport launched an ultra modern aviation noise and track monitoring system. Further more, it embraces long-term activities to reduce the impact of noise in the surrounding area, which includes taking preventive measures. The progressive charging policy encourages carriers to respect the set flight paths and use the quietest possible aircraft. Above that, Prague Airport applies the Noise Abatement Programme in areas affected by its operations.

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