Prague Airport wins “Most deserving Airport” Eagle Award

Prague June 6, 2011 

Prague Airport has become the only airport in the world to win the Eagle Award from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) at its 67th annual meeting. The prize was awarded in recognition of the airport's substantial development, customer satisfaction with its services, its transparent and constructive approach toward all airlines and its incentive policy.   

The IATA also made the award to Prague Airport for its technological development (the introduction of self-service kiosks and Wheeltug – Prague Airport being the first airport in the world to support the latter novel technology, which allows aircraft to use built-in electric motors, etc., when taxiing between the terminals and runways). Also recognized was the airport's positive approach to environmental issues (the Quietest Airline Contest – motivating airlines to use new, quieter aircraft, as well as to strictly comply with precisely measurable flight criteria which lead to a lessened environmental impact). 

Prague Airport General Director Miroslav Dvorak accepted the prize on behalf of the airport in person, saying: "This is a huge honor for us and great motivation for the future. I am proud that even a small country like the Czech Republic stands side-by-side with the most improving, customer-oriented and technologically advanced airports of the world."   

Prague Airport's financial statement for 2010 also confirms its healthy position as a stable, developing airport. Even with negative climatic influences (ash, snow), Prague Airport was able to increase its net profit by 11% in 2010 to CZK 991 million, according to audited financial results. Gross profit before tax increased 4% year-on-year to CZK 1.108 billion.   

The IATA awards the prize each year based on recommendations by an independent panel of experts. "The Eagle Award provides outstanding recognition for airports attempting to provide the highest possible level of services, efficiency and sustainable development," adds Assad Kotaite, chairman of the award recommendation panel. 

The award has been granted in the past to airports in Seoul, Geneva, Vancouver, Singapore and San Francisco. 

About Prague Airport: 
In 2010, the airport handled 11.56 million passengers. Prague Airport is the winner of the 2010 Eagle Award from the IATA as the Most deserving Airport. Passengers will have access during the 2011 summer season to 48 airlines connecting Prague directly with 128 destinations around the globe.

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Michaela Lagronova
Media Spokesperson for Letiště Praha, a. s.