Airport for Spotters

Working with, Václav Havel Airport Prague has prepared a few innovations for spotters interested in following aviation operations at our airport. This activity is a reaction to the general public’s interest in airport activities and ever growing group of aviation enthusiasts who regularly visit the airport’s surrounding areas.

Viewing Decks/Podiums

Since the beginning of April 2012, aviation fans can use 2 mobile podiums to watch and take photos of the airport operation buzz from above the airport fencing line. The decks have been placed at the two most frequented places by spotters – by the Kněževes village and upon the crossing of runways 12/30 and 06/24. The constructions are still at their preliminary stages and will be opened to the general public towards the end of April 2012. Construction of permanent banks that will replace the podiums at the most attractive spots is planned for this year.

Holes in the Fencing

Several holes had been made in the airport fencing surrounding its restricted area to allow clear view for the aviation fans camera objectives and assuring that it will now be easier to take the best shots. Location of these holes and their shape were discussed with the spotters and reflect their preference in terms of favourite spots to take photos of aircraft.

Aviation Photography Fan Club by Prague Airport

On Saturday April 4th, 2012, the Aviation Photography Fan Club by Václav Havel Airport Prague (LKPR Spotters) launched its operations. The Club is administered by the Association of Aviation Fans by Prague Airport, and draws on the long lasting tradition of aviation photography in the Czech Republic. The Club associates aviation enthusiasts interested in watching airport operations up close or taking photos and making videos of the airport operation buzz. Working with Prague Airport, the Club provides its members with a number of perks such as the option to take photos in the airport restricted area.

Viewing Terraces

The general public may also keep using the viewing terraces in Terminals 1 & 2. Info graphics comparing the most common types of aircraft and comprehensive airport map with highlighted spots of interest around the airport premises have recently been placed at the terraces.