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Fly Like A Pro




Experience what it feels like to be a pilot
of a commercial aeroplane in a real certified simulator.
Learn from seasoned airline pilots and take a seat in the cockpits of the Boeing 737 or Airbus A320

What makes our simulator unique:

  • A certified, full-motion flight simulator 100% true to real cockpits
  • A most-realistic flight simulator used for pilot training
  • The experience includes instructions and orientation from the most experienced pilots in this field
  • You will get the opportunity to experience VFR and IFR-based flying
  • We will recommend a flight course to a chosen destination according to your experience and requests
  • Flight simulation in various conditions (fog, rain, snow...), including the possibility of simulated failure (engine shutdown...)

What flight simulators do we have available?

Airbus A320

A full-motion simulator including all inclinations with a most realistic physical flight mode.
CZK 11 490/hour

Boeing 737 Classic

A full-motion simulator including all inclinations with a most realistic physical flight mode.
CZK 7 290/hour

ATR 42/72

An authentic simulator.

CZK 4 290/hour

Useful information

  • Optional flight duration (min. 60 minutes) including a pre-flight briefing
  • You can invite up to 2 people to the cockpit
  • We will issue a gift voucher and a Flight Completion Certificate
  • An experienced professional pilot will be available to you for the entire duration of the flight, will set up the simulation with you according to your wishes and will answer all your questions

Take a peek inside

Where are we located?

Please note:

  • Regardless of the client’s wishes, landings at airports not suitable for the actual landing of B737, A320 and ATR42/72 (such as Courchevel in the French Alps or Lukla, Nepal) will not be simulated. This applies to acrobatic manoeuvres or flight accidents as well.
  • In the case of a simulated accident, the simulation will be interrupted.
  • The participants will access the non-public part of the airport. It is mandatory to provide proof of ID or passport.
  • If persons under 10 years of age will participate, the hydraulic motion of the simulator will not be enabled.