Fly Like a Pro




Experience what it feels like to be a pilot
of a commercial aircraft in a real certified simulator.
Learn from experienced airline pilots and take a seat
in the cockpitsof a Boeing 737 or Airbus A320 aircraft.

Simulators unique features:

  • Certified, full-motion flight simulators which will fully draw you in and provide you with an authentic experience of flying a commercial aircraft
  • The most modern simulators in the Czech Republic on which professional commercial pilots are trained
  • The experience includes a visit to the Czech Aviation Training Centre, where the most experienced pilots in the field will attend to you
  • We will recommend the course of the flight to destinations of your choice according to your experience and requirements
  • Flight simulations under various weather conditions (fog, rain, snow...), including the possibility of a simulated failure (e.g., engine shutdown)

Available Flight Simulators

Boeing 737 Classic

A full-motion simulator including all inclinations with the most realistic physical flight mode.

Airbus A320

A full-motion simulator including all inclinations with the most realistic physical flight mode.

ATR 42/72

An authentic simulator with fixed static base for training both professional pilots and technical personnel.

Useful information

  • A short pre-flight briefing with a pilot who will be with you throughout the whole experience is included
  • You may bring along up to two (2) people to share with then this unique flight simulator experience
  • We can issue gift vouchers in electronic form
  • Vouchers are valid for one year from the date of issuance
  • You will receive a flight performance certificate
  • Complimentary parking is available at the Czech Airlines Training Centre area

Take a peek inside

Where are we located?

Please note:

  • Acrobatic manoeuvres and flight accidents are not simulated
  • In the case of an inevitable simulated accident, the simulation is interrupted
  • As the participants access the non-public area of the airport, an ID or passport identification is required
  • If persons under 10 years of age are present in flying the full-motion simulator, the hydraulic motion of the simulator is not enabled