If you are travelling with children, you will find many opportunities at the Airport for your children to have fun or take a rest. We also lend pushchairs and have changing tables available to make travelling with the youngest children easier.

Playrooms for children

Young travellers can find various climbing frames, slides and toys in both the public and transit zones, where all children are sure to have fun.

  • Terminal 1, Transit Zone, corridor connecting Terminals 1 and 2, near Pier B

In addition to the large playrooms with climbing frames intended for children from 3 to 8 years old, you will also find mini-playrooms with interactive toys and building blocks directly at the gates where children can play right up until flight departure, making travelling more enjoyable.

  • Terminal 1: Gates A6 – A9, B7, B8, B9 and B10-B18.
  • Terminal 2: End of Pier C, C15

Family rooms

Special family rooms for parents with children where you can find a peaceful and discreet place equipped with a changing table, a playroom, sanitary facilities and a kitchenette where you can for example heat up meals for the youngest travellers.

  • Terminal 1: Non-public zone, 1st floor near the Prague Restaurant (Restaurace Praha), follow the Food Court navigation
  • Terminal 2: Non-public zone, 2nd floor

Changing tables

In addition to the special family room, most women’s and men’s toilets in both the public and transit zones of the Airport also have changing tables.

Travelling with prams or pushchairs

  • Using your own pram/pushchair at the Airport

If you are travelling with your own pram/pushchair, you can usually use it until you board the plane. It is necessary to hand the pram/pushchair in at the gate and the handling company staff will take care of putting it into the baggage hold or another designated room inside the aeroplane. The particular requirements regarding the transport of prams/pushchairs always depend on the respective airline company and the load of the actual flight. Your pram/pushchair also has to pass security control.

  • Borrow our pushchair free of charge

If you do not need your pushchair while you are at the Airport, you can check it in and hand it in at the check-in counters and borrow one of our pushchairs free of charge. You can find them in Terminal 1 behind the passport control zone and in Terminal 2 behind the security control zone or at one of the many points available in the terminals. You can use our pushchair throughout your time at the Airport until you arrive at your gate.