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Touchpoint Members:

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Czech Tourism

Touchpoint Mission:

  1. Support incoming tourism to Prague and the Czech Republic
  2. Contribute to the fast resumption of incoming tourism after the COVID-19 outbreak
  3. Address travellers with a real interest in cultural, social and historical heritage of the Czech Republics and tourists with generous budgets and longer stays (sustainable tourism)
  4. Promote Prague and the Czech Republic as an attractive destination among air carriers operating direct services from strategically important markets (target markets)
  5. Promote Prague and the Czech Republic among air carriers considering launches of direct services to Prague (especially long-haul destinations with strong potential for sustainable tourism)

Principles of Co-Operation:

  1. Evaluation of the potential of direct air connections to Prague from target markets
  2. Prague and the Czech Republic destination support based on the long-term route development strategy
  3. Support long-haul carriers operating direct air connections to Prague (impact on tourism and trade)
  4. Co-ordination of joint activities in target markets
  5. Joint investments supporting tourism development from target markets

Touchpoint Target Markets:

ASIA: Japan, China, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia

NORTH AMERICA: The United States (incl. a year-round connection to New York), Canada

MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA: The United Araba Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, Bahrain, Egypt, Israel

EUROPE: The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine

Touchpoint Main Activities in 2018:

March 2018 – Presence at the ITB Berlin and MITT Moscow

September 2018 – Attendance of the World Routes Forum in China

September 2018 – Joint Network Activities in Japan

October 2018 – Roadshow in India

December 2018 – Destination Campaign in New York

Touchpoint Main Activities in:

March 2019 – Presence at the ITB Berlin and MITT Moscow, joint negotiations with US carriers

April 2019 – Czech Tourism Presence at the Routes Europe in Hannover

May 2019 – 2019 American Airlines Prague Event (trade conference)

September 2019 – Destination Campaign in Tokyo

October – VIP meeting in India (event for the biggest travel agencies and other partners, negotiations with Indian carriers and other partners)

November 2019 – Joint Presence at the ITB London

November 2019 – VIP Networking Diner in Chicago

December 2019 – Marketing Activities in Dresden



Touchpoint Campaigns:



Contact Details:

PRAGUE AIRPORT provides the option of connecting air carriers with tourist organisations active in the Czech Republic for the purpose of promoting destination marketing. The main goal of the co-operation performed under the TouchPoint brand is to jointly support the incoming tourism and help airlines develop their air services at Prague Airport.

Mr. Roman Pacvoň
Tourism & Route Development Manager

CZECHTOURISM was established in 1993 as a government-owned corporation of the Czech Ministry of Regional Development. CzechTourism promotes the Czech Republic as a touristic destination, contributes to building the country’s reputation internationally and attracts international visitors using a network of 24 offices located abroad while working in cooperation with various businesses. In addition to the capital city of Prague, which has already achieved an exceptional recognition world-wide, CzechTourism promotes less known destinations located in various regions of the Czech Republic.

Ms. Veronika Janečková
Director of product management, research and B2B relations

PRAGUE CITY TOURISM is a marketing and service organisation funded by the City of Prague and dedicated to the development and management of tourism in the Czech capital. In addition to marketing Prague as an international as well as domestic tourism destination, Prague City Tourism provides a wide range of services to potential and current visitors to Prague via its network of five visitor centres spread throughout the city, organizes educational programmes for the public, runs certification courses for professional tour guides and serves as an authority in the fields of tourism and destination marketing. In order to spread awareness of Prague and its vast and varied tourism potential, Prague City Tourism runs the website and publishes a wide range of printed guides, maps and brochures. It is a member of the European Cities Marketing (ECM) organization.

Mr. Michal Drobík
B2B Manager