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Undisturbed from the entrance to the aircraft

VIP Service Club CONTINENTAL offers the highest level of privacy and comfort for the most demanding clients who wish to make the most of their time at the airport.

The service offers you a wide range of benefits, such as designated parking place directly in front of the entrance, instant check-in and collection of your baggage, fully private passage through security screening, and subsequent transfer to your aircraft. Upon your VIP service booking for departure and arrival, we will provide you with complimentary 4-day parking.

Eight luxurious lounges are fully fitted to ensure your relaxation, starting with TVs, Wi-Fi connection, a wide selection of daily newspapers, and a children’s corner for the youngest travellers. You will also be able to enjoy duty-free shopping.

VIP Service Club CONTINENTAL, the comfort you deserve.

VIP Service Club CONTINENTAL Booking

To book the service, please use the e-mail address of vip.service@prg.aero or the online form.

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Price Quotes

Prices for VIP Services Booked at a Minimum 24 Hours in Advance
Calculated price: 5 500 Kč
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Service Prices

The prices cover complex arrival or departure Club CONTINENTAL VIP passenger check-in, including two standard pieces of baggage and a two-hour lounge visit of the travelling party and two accompanying / non-ticketed passengers. Prices are subject to booking at a minimum 24 hours in advance.

  • CZK 5,500            1 person
  • CZK 8,100            2 people
  • CZK 10,400          3 people
  • CZK 13,600          4 people
  • CZK 16,400          5 people
  • CZK 19,500          6 people
  • CZK 22,600          7 people
  • CZK 23,600          8 people
  • CZK 24,750          9 people

CZK 2,750            Each additional person on the same flight
CZK 1,000            A child up to 11 years of age accompanied by an adult

Express VIP Service with Bookings less than 24 Hours in Advance 

  • CZK 8,250           1 person
  • CZK 12,150          2 people
  • CZK 15,600          3 people
  • CZK 20,400        4 people
  • CZK 14,600         5 people
  • CZK 29,250         6 people
  • CZK 33,900         7 people
  • CZK 35,400         8 people
  • CZK 37,125          9 people

CZK 4,125            Each additional person on the same flight
CZK 1,500            A child up to 11 years of age accompanied by an adult

Year-round Gold Card Membership

The membership covers VIP passenger arrival or departure check-ins including baggage and complimentary parking of 1 vehicle for the time of duration of the journey in a patrolled VIP parking area.

  • CZK 240,000 Kč / 1 person / year
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It is only possible to park the vehicle in the patrolled VIP parking area if the VIP service is ordered for both the departure and the arrival, due to the limited option of picking up the vehicle when using the VIP service in one direction only. This way, you gain 4 days of free parking in the patrolled parking area directly in front of the VIP lounge entrance.


At Club CONTINENTAL, we will be happy to have your baggage wrapped before departure. 

  • Standard baggage: CZK 250 / one pc.
  • Oversize baggage (golf bags, skies, baby prams, etc.): CZK 250 / one pc.


We now offer you the option of having your baggage delivered for a fee to the address provided within 5 hours from your arrival at the latest.

The service of baggage delivery, provided for up to 4 pieces of baggage within the Prague Airport 30km radius daily from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., may be booked together with your arrival Club CONTINENTAL VIP Service.

Baggage delivery within 30km radius: CZK 1,590 /1-4 pcs. / 1 address

The service is subject to booking at least 24 hours in advance and cannot be provided if the arrival Club CONTINENTAL VIP Service is not booked simultaneously. The service is available for a maximum of 4 pieces of baggage to be delivered within the airport's 30km radius. The service is not available for deliveries to addresses more than 30km away from the airport. In the event that your baggage contains items the import of which is prohibited or restricted, or the volume exceeds the value or quantity limit for exemption from customs duty, excise tax, and VAT, your personal assistance during the customs proceedings is required and the service may not be provided to you. In the event that you are not reached at the agreed time and as a result the baggage cannot be hand over to you, your belongings will be available for pick up at Club CONTINENTAL. In such a case, there is no right to a refund of the amount paid.

Other Service Prices, Handling and Service Fees

Other Services

  • CZK 500             Parking for each commenced 24-hour period in excess of the free parking allowance
  • CZK 250             Standard baggage wrapping
  • CZK 250             Oversize baggage wrapping (golf bags, skies, baby prams, etc.)
  • CZK 1,590           Delivery of a maximum 4 pieces of baggage within 30km radius
  • CZK 450             Lounge visit of an accompanying / non-ticketed passenger
  • CZK 990             Each additional hour of lounge visit / person

Service Fees

  • CZK 350             Third and each additional piece of checked baggage at departure / arrival per person
  • CZK 250             Oversize baggage
  • CZK 900             Sports equipment
  • CZK 350             PETC, i.e., a live animal transported in the cabin
  • CZK 1,200           AVIH, i.e., a live animal transported in the hold
  • CZK 350             Firearms
  • CZK 300             Up to three VAT refund forms per person
  • CZK 150              Fourth and each additional VAT refund form per person

Refreshments beyond the all-inclusive offer are charged according to the Club CONTINENTAL pricelist.
Check-in of a child up to 2 years of age accompanied by an adult is free of charge.