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Václav Havel Airport Prague offers not only lucrative locations for filming and taking pictures of unique locations, but from this year onwards it also provides new services of airport film rental and custom filming by our airport drone.

AeroProduction & Locations – commercial shooting at the airport

There are multiple locations throughout Prague Airport that can be used for photography or shooting of films, TV shows or commercials.

The areas of the airport are divided into 3 zones with different security and operational regimes

Public areas of the airport
  • arrival and departure halls
  • check-in counters
  • congress counters
  • congress centre
  • information boards with departure/arrival times
  • outdoor areas in front of terminals
  • carpark


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Non-public transit area of the airport
  • area of Terminal 1 behind the passport control
  • the connecting building between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2
  • customs area
  • exits to Arrival Hall
  • areas with luggage conveyor belts

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Non-public security restricted area of the airport


  • airport runways
  • runway surrounding operational areas
  • gates
  • boarding bridges
  • interior of Terminal 2


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AeroMovieRent – airport film rental

Are you not able to shoot directly on the premises of Prague Airport? We have created a special new service in the form of airport props rental.

Borrow unique airport props and technologies that cannot be found anywhere else and use them as props in your film projects in a film studio or anywhere on the set.

Browse our range of props HERE in the photo gallery.

Find a PDF of airport props HERE

AeroDrone – custom airport footage

In 2024, we will offer you an entirely unique project AeroDrone. Following an individual consultation, we will use our airport drone to create custom footage from areas unaccessible to anyone else but us.

Coming soon...

Price list

The final price is specified in the binding order made after prior calculation based on your requirements.

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