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Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The purpose of the SLA declaration is to set the scope and standard of airport services provided by airport authority to carriers with a defined level of quality of their provision.

Requirements for airport services can be entered directly or through the Handling Partner via a special form.

Airport authority undertakes to maintain the level of quality of services in the individual activities of the check-in process, which are defined below.

Guaranteed areas:

  1. Aircraft stand,
  2. Check-in counters
  3. Gates
  4. Boarding bridges
  5. Airport buses
  6. Security control of departing passengers
  7. Luggage sorting
  8. Arrival baggage conveyor system
  9. Use of airport radio and airport information systems to inform passengers, airlines and operating units
  10. Complementary ICT services
  11. Disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility
  12. Permanent medical service

SLA Declaration


SLA with performance parameters

As part of setting up the new SLA Comparison Model, an automated evaluation in the form of a Prague Airport Performance Report (PAPR) has been underway since 1 February 2021. The report includes various KPIs. Performance is measured and evaluated using available measuring systems used by airport authority. Definitions and methodology are part of the PAPR report.