Collaborative Decision Making

About CDM

Prague Airport is running an implementation project of a new idea which brings an optimalization and harmonization in air traffic – Airport – Collaboration Decision Making (A-CDM).

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This website provides general information about A-CDM and describes the way how the procedures will be implemented at the airport.

Project organization

This project has 4 members

  • Prague Airport (project guarantee) – airport operator and ground handler
  • Air Navigation Services of Czech republic - ANSP
  • Czech Airlines – based airlines
  • Menzies Aviation (Czech) – ground handler

Project is led on 2 levels:

Steering committee consists of partner’s top-management representatives.

Project team is led by guarantee of the project – Prague Airport and consists of experts of all partners concerned.

Project aims
  • Improvement in cooperation and coordination between partners concerned
  • Better decision making process by information sharing
  • Improvement in effectiveness and efficiency for each partner
  • Improvement in safety, regularity and economy in air operation
Project plan

Implementation of A-CDM methodology in Prague Ruzyne Airport is divided in 3 main phases:

Phase 1:

  • Airport CDM Information Sharing
  • Turn-round process (TOBT procedures)
  • Variable taxi-in time calculation (EXIT)

Estimate – 10/2009 in operations.

Phase 2:

  • Predeparture sequencing (EXOT + TSAT procedures)
  • A-CDM in adverse conditions – De-icing

Estimate – 03/2010 in operations.

Phase 3:

  • Collaborative Management of Flight Updates

Estimate – 2011 in operations.

More information about A-CDM - (EUROCONTROL)
Suppliers of IT solution of A-CDM for Prague Ruzyne airport are:

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